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Friday Night Fifties (September Edition)

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Registration: September 7th, 7PM EDT to September 8th 7AM EDT


Congratz to ThinkNice for placing First and to CodyIRamey for Second place!



Explanation: 32 Man, 32 Reserves, 6v6, lvl 50, Standard Tournament. Final matches are best 2 out of 3.
Date/Time: September 13th, 7PM EDT
Prizes: 1st Shiny Ekans /Master's Invite, 2nd 500 RP Hat of Second Place Winner's Choice/Master's Reserve Ticket
Banned Moves (besides 1HKO)Bide, Hyper Beam
Banned Pokemon: Wobbuffet

Banned Berry: Enigma Berry
Clauses: Sleep/1HKO/Pristine/Species/Hax Items/Time/Evasion/Bag Items/Self KO

List of Clauses and What They Mean

Location: Silph Co, Channel 7

Registration Method: Post your IGN in this thread once registration has occurred. The thread will unlock the day of registration. I will allow two sign ups per forum account, given they are in different posts. Test posting in this thread will result in being unable to participate in the tournament. Please only sign up players who have asked you to in order to prevent any confusion the day of the tournament. Registration is based on Forum Time. Registration will be randomized, meaning bracket participants and reserves are randomly drawn from the in games names that are posted during registration. Posting during the registration time span does not guarantee you a spot in the Tournament. 



Do not AFK Timeout your opponent unless your referee has stated you may. 


Disconnecting during a match when result in a DQ.


Do not block your opponents, or the Staff running the Event. If there is evidence of this and disregarding staff requesting you to unblock said individuals you will be DQ'd.  


Volpi Clause (requesting to change channels for your matches) will not be allowed for this tournament. Entrants are encouraged to uncheck "Render Overworld in Battle". (Menu -> Settings -> Video).


If you are on the bracket for this tournament and cannot attend please send me a PM, or post in the discussion thread letting me know you cannot make it, this lessens the time it takes for signs ups the day of the tournament. Thanks in advance. 



Event Staffing:
Host: Emlee 
Referees: ShinyChansey, Mariout, Archinix, CipherWeston





[spoiler]1. ItzJOSH
2. Freakiie
3. Leranziel
5. eggroll
6. pokeCROmaster
7. Menios
8. fredrichnietze
9. guigozord
10. YuriCharge
11. namikazeyondaime
12. Collector
13. ItsGray
14. BigPawpa
15. greenNmean
16. BeneHot
17. dormycom
18. Daniellegal
19. Draekyn
20. ninjaspartan
21. LeGaryOak
22. MilesCarnage
23. Lixiaoloong
24. OrangeManiac
25. MajorHarper
26. wspgurrl
27. TheBloo
28. twofist
29. Marveldude
30. yangsam
31. Rhastaman
32. Mullato
33. SingedJunior
34. skatinjj
35. JakeTheHedgehog
36. Ectozone
37. Amanu
38. Corroios
39. XxjusterxX
40. doulift
42. Flameql
43. bronyxillusion
44. ajostyle
45. PedroBr
46. Dannnno
47. DiegoRm
48. fabbro
50. ferleitt
51. Shervinz
52. MadWaffle
53. TopQuaKe
54. Paulorenne
55. NightWingX
56. Rigamorty
57. DoubleJJ
58. KingBowser







Good luck to those who participate! Feel free to post any comments, questions or concerns in the discussion thread, or send me a PM on here.


Edited by Emlee
Added bracket and reserves

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