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  2. It may be fair, I don't know. "Fair" can also mean a lot of things. I just don't appreciate my question being made fun of, it is entirely possible that there is still a static shiny rate, and last caught shiny is one of the factors involved rather than last shiny encountered ... they did lie about the shiny rate being the same as the games for a long time... I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience of running from a shiny and encountering another one shortly after much like I and the previous poster had, thats what forums like this are for... could've just been a coincidence but still
  3. Well yes... I would assume on PokeMMO as this is the forum for the game.. But do you mean in your bag? On the GTL? Or where?
  4. @Kyu Is the Q&A still happening?
  5. "we cant fight human nature" is wrong. the "fear of other" is human nature and yet we live our lives surrounded by millions of people we dont know and it is rare to run into someone we do know randomly going about our business. violence, the fight in fight or flight is human nature. and yet few people every seriously injure or kill another human being. yes their are exceptions, but they are exceptions not the rule. and if you break down your argument it's "this thing you want is similar to this other thing with has flaws". the flaws you mentioned are "baseball has ridiculous amounts of games where you get so many losses that you cant possibly win" and "nfl draft mechanics give incentive to loose" baseball flaw can be avoided by not having 162 games in a season. nfl flaw can be avoided by not having draft picks. honestly the bigger flaw would be a large team of rich players working together to fund a team that can afford to buy literally all of the bets players. this can be countered with a team spending cap, but in the first season or two, accurately estimating what that cap should be is impossible. we need numbers first. and as for the game dying/psl dying/commuity dying argument. it is not a argument just a statement. "this is how it is" - gunthug. and while i can get behind the old guard dying out is a thing, their is a lot of new players too and its somewhat hard to get numbers unless staff wants to jump in and give us numbers. the game is definitely more fragmented these days with lots of various language mini community's, and does the sum come up to one old community? idk and you dont know either. but like, a team of jajas looking at the psl might think "too much work for the language barrier". but if they raise the money and fund a team their biligual guy can hire the jajas and talk to the host and get shit done. and maybe that team of jajas will be the next aw who will fuck us all in the ass and teach us a thing or two.
  6. Probably a month after I think
  7. hannahtaylor


    Why would you create a character just to delete it straight away? Also you can create other characters without deleting one
  8. Where? It works fine on the GTL, you need to type the name in correctly. For example, blackglasses rather than black glasses
  9. Probably in like 2 to 4 momths id say
  10. Today
  11. rotom was out there doing lando things when lando was still just an idea in someone's head at GF. Don't disrespect the appliance
  12. Plot twist there is no PTS they are actually dropping the full thing friday
  13. I'm not justifying flaws with other flaws, I'm holding you to your own stated standard: "my solution is to make a system that closer emulates real sports leagues." My point was, it doesn't matter whether you "raise the stakes" or not (which, by the way, raising the stakes for managers won't necessarily trickle down to the players lol) - even in leagues where the stakes are very real and very high, the amount of effort put into a given game/match/whatever generally matches up with how "important" said game/match is. There are obviously exceptions, some baseball players will give 150% down by 15 runs in the 9th inning. But generally, you can't fight human nature, and opportunity cost is a thing. In PSL for example, giving your all for a relatively meaningless game (let's say, week 7 when your team has already clinched playoffs) could mean blowing a teambuild that could have been used more effectively in playoffs. Also, my point w/waning interest in game wasn't that we shouldn't do anything, but that maybe the impetus to change something doesn't fall with us. Next PSL coming out sometime soon after Sinnoh will probably help, for example.
  14. this guy's gonna be every tier's landorus therian
  15. axx


    right, more likely 30min after PTS launches
  16. That sounds too long. Full thing is def dropping after the PTS event
  17. Wow ur hilarious, no this was a serious question. The games rng is a mystery to all of us, just trying to figure it out. If you knew anything about rng you'd know its anything but random and based on an algorithm, running from a shiny may have something to do with it. also, game developers have all but admitted to using an algorithm when they said that the shiny rate takes a variety of factors into consideration, including how much the game thinks you're botting.
  18. the object search does not work is it normal?
  19. [You need to be in a Dungeon to be able to read this post]
  20. I hope so! Really excited to get my Turtwig and Shinx!
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