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  2. DS said earlier that they hope to have rotom and all his forms available upon release.
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  4. best to go with this back sprite mod. good work https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/96793-upscaled-back-sprites-needs-testing-updated/
  5. Lol I can't wait, Darkrai's implementation being discussed will be better than Togekiss :D I'm okay with it being implemented since Dark Void is 50% now, its base stats are pretty good but we've got similar in the OU metagame already (idk anything about the dubs meta) so it'd be an interesting discussion.
  6. Late Day 7 report! Whoops! Today is the last day for new challengers. If you are interested in PRL, this is your last chance! As most of the competitors find their way to their 8th badges, Gym Challenges will inevitably slow down while we all start to prepare for preliminaries. But for today, congratulations to aftershocker for getting his 8th badge and being qualified to move further! I will probably get too little opportunities to record matches from now on as most people are already qualified and I need to make preparations for next stages of the event. But if I get the chance to catch challenges and record them, I'll surely share! See you tomorrow and best of luck to everyone!
  7. This is what I wish to know aswell.
  8. If anyone could help me out, I just want to skip the ss Anne and try catching Mew later in game. My username is Allwattsin and I am in the Kanto region EU. Thank you
  9. -PTS incoming-


    I expect Sinnoh will be released in a few months ( around October 2019 )

    ( or in the worst-case : between January and April 2020 )


    and i'll certainly come back to the game.

  10. HackGod


    Awesome Wrestling. Discuss
  11. Yeah loll they're these guys, they're called Team Skull:
  12. Blue suits your name, senpai

    gratz & sorry i'm prob' late :x

  13. you are so right I just googled gen 7 bone villain and it showed them it is my first time seeing them I rather like to think of it as tim burtons nightmare before Christmas the gen 7 guys look funny xd
  14. This? Doesn't really look like it... the bones costumes are from gen 7 bad guys basically
  15. welp, seems like I'll be doubting for 3 weeks then.
  16. that is tim burtons nightmare before Christmas xd
  17. He went away for 3 weeks personal matter. After I'm told he is going on vacation, but he plans to log in during that.
  18. @Darkshade with the new PTS coming, I suggest you release the vanities that you guys teased for us in the unova PTS nearly 2 years ago: ^Bones Cap + Uniform ^Whatever lovely suit Shu is wearing here
  19. Tengo mucho trabajo, pero si quieres puedes hacer la lista de canciones y enviamela cuando pueda lo hare, estoy en vacaciones dentro de 2 semanas puedo hacerlo pero deberas ser muy especifico con el mod, vuelvo en 2 semanas
  20. Too soon, I was ready to wait for two years. lol. Likely the formal one will be available at the beginning of Aug.
  21. i am arguing that human nature can be fought and it is not a lost cause. and how is this detrimental to the player? you sign up. if a team thinks youre good enough they hire you and you get paid to play, and if your team wins you get a bonus. even if your team is likely to loose, you have more monetary incentive to win matches through two things. first is increasing rep to increase bids next seasons. second is to prevent penalty like getting reduced pay for not showing up to matches. what it is, is accurate. sounds a lot like "too big to fail" logic there. a system that incentives loosing seems like a flaw to me. and psl, nfl, ect are not perfect. few things are and improvement is a good thing. stop asking open ended questions to confuse the jury mr lawyer man. make a argument. did you just say i proved my point? wot what seems more of a barrier to entry? one person knowing english or a entire team knowing english? lets be real we arent and cant get everything in the psl translated into every language. it IS a barrier to entry and when i turn on global i see a lot less english then chinese or spanish. under my proposed system a biligual manager from say a spanish community could raise funds and hire players from his community for the psl. for them, they would have a season with manager who speaks their language and can help with translations communicating. the barrier for the manager is only money which anyone can get. and while hiring this player season one would be an advantage for this theoretical spanish manager as he knows this unknown talent, the next season everyone knows. and next season the player who does not speak english already has one psl under their belt and would theoretically be in a better position to join up understanding how this works not knowing which manager they will get. and who knows? maybe two or more managers will come out of these community we dont talk enough to and their will be competition for these new players.
  22. Rotom is not a legendary so we're probably getting it now.
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