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  2. NU - Kriliin VS Skulldeus LC - Manytears VS Xondex Doubles - Millernine VS Zigh OU - Taystee VS Zacmorales 100k each, only take once
  3. @Sethsen @magneto2k4 thanks for the replies! ill give that method a try now and ill head to the city soon!
  4. Belgium vs Columbia B NU Kriliin vs Skulldeus 200k Dubs Mkns vs Kepzal Mexico vs Africa 200k UU KokenoCastro vs PoseidonWrath NU Medidany vs Tawla 200k Canada vs Venezuela B OU Taystee vs Zacmorales UU gbwead vs DarkCeGn 200k Brexit vs Rest of Europe UU Lin vs Umbramol USA vs China A 300k OU Senjutsuka vs mentalsoft UU DoubleJ vs MullenYu Bet on bold, 100k each unless specified. Void if sub/activity win. Bets on countries void if tie. IGN: Taystee
  5. Take these two I'll take these two, 100k each Take these four, 100k each IGN: Taystee
  6. If you get Dratini, I suggest you just train it to lvl 30 where it will evolve to Dragonair (or to lvl 31 if you catch Dratini at lvl 30). My method in Safari Zone to catch rares is to use Bait first, and then Balls. Good luck, bud!
  7. If you want to catch a wild dragonair go to dragonspiral tower (Icirrus City, Unova) and use Super Rod.
  8. I've been at the safari zone for a while now and every time I come across a dragonair it seems i can never catch it! I'm able to catch dratinis but is there some sort of method to it, what is the best way to catch them?
  9. I also have a post, you can bet with me
  10. Apparently Chinese just take every bet against other fellow Chinese.
  11. take me duel, joalza and darkiller 100k each
  12. actually i do the same, always buying the ones that got undercut by an idiot by 1 Pokedollar. either put it at a higher discount or just put it at same price sigh
  13. Rotom-heat is a monster in UU, with specs this mon can destroy everything(maybe): 252+ SpA Choice Specs Rotom-Heat Overheat vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Bronzong: 420-494 (124.2 - 146.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO 252+ SpA Choice Specs Rotom-Heat Overheat vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Krookodile: 430-507 (129.9 - 153.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO 252+ SpA Choice Specs Rotom-Heat Overheat vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Scrafty: 286-337 (105.5 - 124.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO 252+ SpA Choice Specs Rotom-Heat Overheat vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Forretress: 1272-1500 (359.3 - 423.7%) -- guaranteed OHKO
  14. Today
  15. Group A Belgium 0 - 0 Columbia B OU - iMat VS AlejandroGB UU - Jaawax VS Flesky NU - Kriliin VS Skulldeus LC - Stelian VS Nallhara Doubles - Mkns VS Kepzal SMOU - LLLLiolae VS xGamemasterjuan Venezuela A 0 - 0 Peru A SMOU - xUltrajesusx VS Thuxs Chile 0 - 1 Argentina A OU - JorgeMaximo VS Lkrenz NU - MAXXIIx VS Souu LC - NoWall VS GasaiYunoSan SMOU - Kriger VS BranYT Group B Rest Of America 0 - 0 Korea NU - Cristi VS largeflower LC - YEYOxD VS Narikiri Portugal 0 - 0 Spain OU - DeusBuno VS KiwiKidd UU - Pachima VS Joalza LC - Manytears VS Xondex Doubles - Millernine VS Zigh SMOU - Sintatic VS DarkQuiler Group C Mexico 0 - 0 Africa OU - Camineko VS Lunarck Group D Canada 0 - 0 Venezuela B OU - Taystee VS Zacmorales UU - Gbwead VS DarkCeGn SMOU - Toast VS tMoi 100k each.
  16. Hello! You need to get the ship to other regions in Slateport, inside this house above the Pokemon Center. If you're in a new region and you'd like to go back to the previous one before getting 2 badges, you can talk to your mother in the first town. She sends you back. I hope this helps!
  17. I have 6 badges and I don't know how to leave hoenn and return to sinnoh. Please some info!
  18. Is this Starmind person seriously so good in Smou or people got no idea what Nik is capable of and how much money they are going to lose by betting against him?
  19. Size: The best size for a signature Text: ImNotLeJohn Team: ZomB Character: Swampert Theme/Background: Anything as long as it looks good. Thanks in advance :D
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