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  2. You were so close to 420 though, it could've been perfect
  3. I don't think this would be a good idea, you see: The system wouldn't be perfect cuz there are some people (like me) that they have a very bad connection with the server in the middle of a battle and either disconnects or have a ping of 130k ( you can't do anything, legit happened to me) or have a power outage and lose by time and it's not their fault so it's just not correct. This is, btw, a very good solution to the problem.
  4. Prof oak is a Peach anyways. He aint payin me I aint finishin it
  5. 12345 Cash 110010 BP 2999 Hours heh now where is my 1\32k shiny at smh
  6. Now this is what I'm talking about. @DaftCoolio you done good. Sorry @RysPicz.
  7. Beat them before they even have a chance to timestall you, ez pz. Munya, you can now close this topic ty.
  8. Today
  9. I also think that a forfeit button would do a lot in this regard. I only do this to players that use Togekiss.
  10. You can't do anything about it, only @Alouu can. You'll have to be patient.
  11. Wudenbachs I'm sorry. I'm back on again today. I've got my whisper box open and ready!
  12. bunch of UUs for sale: https://gyazo.com/5436a8155ddf89903e25a44f3a3dba81
  13. Please help I do all the installation steps of the theme but when applying it in the game it tells me that it can not be applied because it is incompatible with this version
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