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  2. lol, hate it when gms lose to random people and pokemon get banned for it, happens far to often
  3. There's no real way to completely get rid of it as of right now. However, what you can do is convert all of your mods .mp3 files to .off and that will make the fatal render errors happen only on rare occassions.
  4. Cacha

    Allow all pokémon

    I dedicated myself to responding in the same way to those who also attacked me because of my opinion, I have seen that the subject has been raised but it has never been solved or reached a conclusion. We all know that the team has a strange criterion to work, Dugtrio was uber for months because a user beat a GM, Blissey was also Uber, this I thought as a possible initiative to give a little more life to the competitive that already of if he is dead, only OU is played and in the tournaments you can watch calmly as they are always the same 50 players who participate. You also have to do something about it with that. With respect to the economy, in this game the money only serves to raise pokémon and compete. Until you learn to use only the PB as currency for everything. Of the cosmetics I will not say, they seem to me stuffed with cotillion.
  5. Currently between PokeMMO and the base games sure, but MMORPG and JRPG are completely different with respect to how core gameplay is handled. MMORPG require you to interact with other players for certain elements wheras a JRPG allows you to experience everything without so much as interacting with anyone else. MMOs have a fragile economy to balace, JRPGs do not. No, you need to read my posts again. Everything was explained in them as best as I can explain them. The only other caveat I can add will be posted to another point. Because the development team does not want anything in Ubers. They also do not like the idea of locking down specific species because they are overpowered because then you are giving players content that they cannot use. They also do not want to mess around with base stats. If any changes are made to so called "Uber" Pokemon the dev team wants to make them in a manner that does the least harm overall. Things like removing the ability for certain species to use particular movesets or abilities. This still allows you to access that species, but certain elements are completely removed from them so you do not lose the content. Passion is great, but you have indeed closed yourself off to any other counter arguments. You openly insulted people for disagreeing with you yet you say you did not close your mind to their opinions.
  6. Cacha

    Allow all pokémon

    Hahaha, the trustworthy old woman, answer nonsense. No one forces you to participate in the thread.
  7. Cosica

    Vanity Thread

    I made a separate thread requesting purchasable hair from marts in game; 'wigs', or a barber NPC as they suggested there. Said person also suggested I request that here, so here I am. Anyway, I made one too. The manliest hairstyle of them all. Item slot: Hair (Pompadour)
  8. No one is forcing you to play. There is a specific vision for this game and legendaries in the capacity you want are not a part of that vision.
  9. Cacha

    Allow all pokémon

    The game is from 2013 and we only have three legendary regions and 2 pokes that nobody cares to look for them. The facts speak for themselves.
  10. Nevetas made me a believer this morning.
  11. thats ok ill make HUGZ the anime team RISE was destined to be
  12. Well, to be fair, considering that there’s 50+ legendaries in existence, it makes the term “Legendary” not really special anymore. A Pokemon being “Legendary” isn’t nearly as special as it was back when it was just the birds, Mewtwo, and Mew. The devs trying to replicate this “special” status for 50+ legendaries is a terrible idea and it won’t end well. But I do agree that they should have a particular method to obtain them rather than throw them into the wild.
  13. Just turn the android device upside down
  14. I really dont understand how you still dont get it after it being explained to you 4 times very patiently. If someone can obtain a legendary easily, that makes it not special, and there are plans to make them obtainable in a special way eventually.
  15. Sandslash, roselia, audino and cryogonal, whimsicott + sunny day + exeggutor are so good to.
  16. how much for u to stay away
  17. im good thanks, better luck next time ol' mac donald
  18. Today
  19. Best money making guide is asking me what the best way to make money is. All other guides are either too old or don't know how to make money as fast as myself. Big Flex. (But seriously)
  20. Cacha

    Allow all pokémon

    My opinion comes from the love I have for this franchise and this community, I opened the debate but I did not close to their opinions, because I did not understand the message, in general terms they only told me "no because no". When from the beginning I raised the idea of placing them in uber or simply have them for specific tournaments where only one is allowed, or simply use them for free combats with our friends, where the balance would fail there? And I know the mechanics of the mmorpg and the jrpg, there is not much difference, except here where the sense of trade and farming is simply to make money to raise pokémon and fight against others.
  21. As a left-hander myself I have never had a problem? What do you mean?
  22. The amount of extra overhead on the server would be astronomical. Plus you have to add that online translation services aren't 100% accurate because there are different dialects spoken for languages and sometimes those dialects have dialects of their own. Language is a beautiful thing.
  23. Team Name: AventError Participating Member: @Chayaa (IGN: Chayaa) @RexB (IGN: RexB) @LordEnz (IGN: Lord_Enz) @Tundran (IGN: KaefersammlerTom) Reserves: @Katzukiangel (IGN: Katzukiangel)
  24. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/33-client-customization/ At your service. ~
  25. Hi. I'm fond of using the mods to enhance my gaming experience. I wonder if there is a thread exclusive for mods?
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