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  2. So as long as it's an egg move and the female child is growlithe, the egg moves will keep getting passed on :) Doesn't matter if it's the male parent or female, the gen 7 mechanic is both parents pass it on.
  3. channel would be helpful to know
  4. In Driftveil city and in game name is PaperHurts
  5. Attention: I have updated the Hoenn Version of the mod to Version 1.1 This update fixed an error in music placement that had previously been overlooked. If you're still using Hoenn Version 1.0, please update your Hoenn mod to the most recent version. I've also added version numbers to each file name under the "Download Links" section of the mod page so that keeping track of the most recent version of each mod will be easier. Please check back regularly for updates if you aren't following this thread and enjoy my mod. ~Thank you
  6. where are you and whats ur ig could come in a few minutes
  7. Thank you all for the replies. So the male one is already done, gonna invest on the female!
  8. I just need help evolving my boldore.
  9. Welcome to Team Distinct [DsT]. Team [DsT] was Founded on The First of May 2019 by Kamowanthere, Xatu, FenixFox and SapphireStoneSSS. Team [DsT] is a Casual team that Aims to be Competitive! We welcome new comers and everyone who is interested in joining. We are hosting tournaments & events and trivias with @SapphireStone difference. Just chilling and having fun inside. ROSTER Leaders: Kamowanthere - @Kamowanthere SapphireStoneSSS - @SapphireStone FenixFox - @immortalfox19 Xatu - @Xatu Commanders: FilthyCasuaI KevinDaPokeTrain NickRains - @NickRains Officers: Ishean - @GodofIshean Inkiie Katawaiichu Members: 88 Members currently Just join and have fun with us!
  10. Today
  11. Just get all egg moves on it before bringing ivs on it
  12. So how breeding works is that you'll need all but one of a pokemon's 31 IVs matched up, while transferring the ones that don't match with braces. So for your final breed you'll need these two pokemon: Female Growlithe 31/31/31/X/31/31 holding a Power Weight (HP Brace) Male Jolly Growlithe X/31/31/X/31/31 holding an Everstone So starting with your female lax growlithe, you'd need to breed it with something that's got a 31 in either ATK or DEF, and another in any other stat (that's not SpA). You can use any field breeders you want, just make sure your Growlithe always stays female. Also double check your breeding window to make sure that Morning Sun is passed down each time. Here's a chart that might help, good luck!
  13. I think only male mons pass on the egg moves it would have to be a male growlithe with morming sun
  14. I could dump the strings and search for it manually, but that seems like a pain x.x
  15. Nothing more annoying than random sounds that don't fit tbh. It's why I only messed with my E4 battle music xD
  16. YES! (There are a handful of codes I'm missing for my mod and it annoys me when I run into them and it's vanilla sound :T)
  17. @Desu is this still a think you're planning for? Because it'd be so, so useful when making music mods instead of going through each song ID (or Eggplant's limited index of them) to find the right track to change. The 'Sound Debugger' utility would be so nice.
  18. Hey, i recently started playing again and i noticed i had a comp arcanine project in my boxesi hadn't finished. I don't remember well how breeding works in this game so i just wanted some help so i don't screw up and waste a lot of resourses for nothing. I want a Jolly Arcanine 31/31/31/X/31/31 with Morning Sun. I currently have: Male Jolly Growlithe 9/31/31/31/31/31 Female Lax Growlithe with 31 in Att and Def with Morning Sun Some Growlithe with 31 stats HP/ATT/SPE bands Well i just want to know what i need to buy next and the pairs i should be doing to maintain the Morning Sun, the Jolly nature and IVs(I think i messed up in the past x),dk why i kept the SpAtt stat at 31)
  19. I support it I'd love to see new life being breathed back into the modding community Tiles mods would be a great welcome back
  20. Hopefully. I'm 100% behind this suggestion though, @DemonicDax ik you are too
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