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  2. 31/31/31/31/31/x relaxed or 31/31/31/x/31/31 adamant if banded
  3. I personally enjoy making web subdomains so i kinda want to make a story Outpost with the best stories here. Not to mention my own XD
  4. ... too many good stories amma lose this halp
  5. Can't seem to find you in-game... hit me up when you're online.
  6. I don't know If It helps, but after i beat the Magma Líder inside the Volcano (forgot the right name of the place) It stops all the music and sound effects too.
  7. Today
  8. IGN: Akshit Title: The Butcher's Curse Number of Words: 1492
  9. use the chat command /bgm (tells you the current background music's id) 483 is working as intended in the mod. I'm pretty sure that the client itself is calling 999 for aqua/magma battle victories (just trying to get confirmation); pretty sure it's a bug. Because, even if I didn't map a song to it, it would be playing the default gba song.
  10. This thread has gone on long enough. We have no intention to change how we handle appeals for certain punishment types. That said, we already do provide detailed evidence and reasoning to most social/behavioral punishments during appeals.
  11. 483: Battle (Magma/Aqua Leader Maxie/Archie) That would be the battle theme for them Though, if it's only triggered after the battle ends then it would be the victory tune. But, I don't think they have their own victory tune. They most likely use the trainer victory or gym leader victory tunes.
  12. Thanks for the support, but infortunately i have no ideia how to see/find the sound id, the strange thing is, it doens't show any message of error. I usualy have to close the Pokemmo app and then relaunch, this seems to resolve, but if i fight any Aqua/magma, after the victory no sound. Sorry for my bad english (Playing on Android).
  13. Impossible? Maybe, but everything would depend on execution, it's a difficult idea. I imagine it would only be for those who make donations with a high value, and if these people want to sell the item. It would also be an absurdly high value with the coin in the game, after all, it would be quite rare to see it on glt for example. The is more for those who really know how to do something related and want to be able to do it.
  14. Do you know the Sound ID for that (I don't have a character that still needs to do the Hoenn storyline, so I'd have to make a new one)? Usually silence is 999, which if it's playing that, then I think it's a bug with the client and not with the sound mod. But I can put a sound track for 999 to compensate.
  15. Depends how you wanna play it. Speed is probably one of the first to drop (except for maybe Scarf Swampert). So Probably Hp, Atk and SDef(4 Ev) (to prevent a good Download), or Init instead of SDef to win against other non invested 60 base Init Pokes (Porygon 2 eg.). Or Hp, Atk, Def for a bulky set (if you wanna run high EV investment in Def). So simply put pick your Evs and you'll know. You're probably going to get a better answer of someone who actually plays with Swampert, but I'm bored. : ]
  16. it still ticks down, when you're reconnecting, and you cna be reconnecting for a damn long time, wild thought.
  17. Just a note, I have been enjoying every single hecking battle with the Spooky scary skeleton remix you gave me strength to keep playing for another whole year
  18. SuperEeveeTedd is my name :)
  19. Any chance you can fix this.
  20. It's already handled this way. From https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/98617-changelog-23072019/
  21. Timer is fine tbh, just has to be changed from Activate + Time passed to Activate + Time player online. So the timer only progresses if you are online. foolproof and unexploitable
  22. I have a 3x31 Mudkip that was going to be 5x31 back when I stopped playing
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