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  2. Alright thanks everyone!
  3. As all of those people mentioned, it's intended feature to give Leppa berries importance for shiny hunt. :)
  4. Yep, what they said. I recommend u to give a try to @Akshit's Simple EV Training & Leveling Guide Using Horde. This guide points out places with near Pokecenters to make the EV Training less tedious.
  5. Last week I went to see John Wick 3. Here's a way to pay respects. PS. I would love to give a try to make some team logos. If any team is interested it will be totally free. Really, I just want to make some stuff! Same with signatures! Desperate message here.
  6. It is intended, not a bug.
  7. There's a bug when you use sweet scent out of combat it drains the pp from all of your pokemon, who know the move sweet scent. I had this strategy to bring multiple Combees (3) with me so I could grind EVs in horde battles easier and faster. It turned out that when I used the move Sweet scent with my first Combee, it drained pp from all of my Combees at the same time (Ex. I had full 20pp on all of my Combees' Sweet scent, but when I used it once it took 5pp from all three Combees in my party).
  8. Again, announcements about events are not sent to /global, they are sent by system messages. On side note, keep off insults and personal opinions about other people, it's uncalled for and really doesn't help suggestion or discussion at all. That's to both sides. I will clear this a bit in few.
  9. Today
  10. Not saying none of my mute where deserved but some sure where for bulshit reasons like the one i have for saying rule 34 in chat and got hit with inappropriate chat and some sgm defending the fuck out of the desision despite being something e rated show would let slide because it's not directly mentioning anything inappropriate. i would love to see a mayor make staff take responsibility and credit for what they do. Making them take a public stance on stuff more often would be nice instead of us just having to figure out what we can and can't say with mutes that are inconsistent.
  11. that is a good suggestion, would love to see that being added.
  12. All orders completed again, had a great run, found 2 new OT shiny. EV training and Leveling services are being closed for public again until further notice, got some other stuff I need to take care of. Maybe I will re-open after few months / years. Thank you everyone who trusted me to train their pokemons. Peace.
  13. Everyone claiming that official discord #events-announcement announces PvE events: It doesn't always do that. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. And not everyone uses official discord. And the argument that 'OMG you obsolute tin can, you should use discord' doesn't exactly justify anything since neither those announcement always happen, nor it is an ideal solution for a person who wants to play the game, not download or always keep another app turned on just to get notification about the game's event. People claiming that in-game announcement is indeed made through system announcement: Again, not always true. And given how much random drama and spam goes through Global, it is turned off by many players, so claiming that just because it got announced in Global is good enough, it's not. Also people claiming that OP got triggered without reason: There is a reason, People initially told him to download discord and called him a fool for not having one (which he actually does have btw, just not on official discord)... claiming all events are announced there when they actually aren't always. So, Instead of giving more though to the actual suggestion, everyone just jumped the wagon of 'lol download discord' and 'OP is taking offence cause we calling him shit for not supporting discord' as if that has anything to do with this. Sure, shit-talking bunch of other players is not cool either, but both sides are kinda guilty here. tl;dr not everyone uses official discord, nor they should, it doesn't always announce events either. Not everyone has Global turned on, nor they should. PvP event already get announced 15 minutes ago, makes perfect sense if catch events did too (and not sometimes, all the times). This is a great suggestion. Totally up for it.
  14. Thanks, for this. I just understood that it doesn't work like before where putting both in to the lady and waiting to have an egg. You have to loose your pokemon to have an egg.
  15. Thats a good suggestion, can help a lot!!
  16. Could we get something like this for events in community tab or something
  17. This girl/guy took personal the opinion of 2 guys who wasn't agree with him/her and got triggered saying a lot of toxic stuff and the guy who was agree with him/her now is like their "new friend". I think you came searching new friend who follow your suggestion without being disagree and thinking thats is a personal problem when someone is not agree with you, you find 2 guys from a same team are not agree and now you try to take a personal toxic speech againist a team, thats what I saw here. Taking now the topic, they already make an announcement with sistem message, I play in the cellphone and is not hard to see the mesaage, I think is innecesary, not bad suggestion at all but innecesary, good luck in your day.
  18. Think like a anime fan...How cool If you see Ash vs Red in the finals in 2019? Or even if you Win a tournament with the best of bests, see the leaders in a real battle vs real World players? Of course with more improved pokémons to equalize
  19. kuplion

    Value Advice

    Afternoon folks. What is a Soothe Bell worth? The GTL has them listed at $1,000,000+ but I'm not sure if that's just the one or two on there being hyper inflated. I've tried to find a definitive answer to this but have come up empty handed so I'm turning to everyone here. EDIT: And whilst I'm here, what would people value these wild catches? I figured they're too good to be used just for the 31 IV stats in breeding. Both are neutral natures.
  20. But... Gym leaders already change their teams and is not always the same. It has been checked out by @RedactedColour at his Gym Leader Rematches Guides. Gym Leaders have five teams each. E4 have about 10 teams each. So... They need more than those teams? I really don't get it.
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