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  2. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-895629335 "Skilz #2"
  3. Meanwhile waiting for PSL 9 to get over
  4. Seems like the event is already over. PSL XII soonTM
  5. Today
  6. But no thread has been opened yet??
  7. May the HYPE commence. @Munya for old times sake, you may now close this thread. Thank you.
  8. Kaos likes shorts. They're comfy and easy to wear
  9. bump and updated with dratini
  10. Holy shit tomorrow is gonna be crazy xD
  11. Crappy week.

  12. 1st Place @Candii Linfanz "With this piece, I particularly loved the way that this piece truly paints a picture and is able to set a scene that is able to broadcast the range of emotions displayed by the baby pokemon. The use of vibrant colours and clean finish quality is able to convey a high degree of artistic flair and a feeling of happiness to the audience which is testament to the artist's clear planning and vision for the piece which was accomplished by choosing the base the scene shown with a clear focus in the cupcakes." SneakyTeddi "You can feel the emotion just by looking at their faces. The colors were very well worked and it brings all the feeling of a baby's innocence when they're discovering the world. I believe everyone was tempted by a dessert like this one day and has memories of it, so I truly enjoyed the fact of this drawing bringing up this common childhood scene." Matoka "The Macaron table with Riolu, Munchlax, Azurill, and Wynaut is very good as while it is simply it is consistent in shading and composition, it is exceptionally clean and not a single aspect of it is treated lazily even for simple things such as the wall or carpet shading, the characters have very unique expressions that make them lively and makes the scene feel more alive and really does capture the idea of children being excited for snacks so I am very fond of it and think it deserves second place." Draak "I can see the feelings and emotions of each of the Pokemon present in the drawing, which makes me imagine a story behind that cupcake, even though the cupcake is the main thing in the drawing is not put aside to what really matters , the Pokemon. I can imagine several endings for that story, I hope everything went well for those babies." 2nd Place @MPDH Linfanz "The artistic style in the piece is simple yet effective, this piece truly emphasises cuteness through the use of sizes, shapes, the faces and individual detail of a range pokemon, and the hand drawn style is able to bring out the best of this piece. Whilst I feel that this piece could be improved through closer relation to the theme, this is still a worthy effort and a cute and beautiful piece." SneakyTeddi "The beach artwork showed a fun time with older pokemon playing with the younger baby pokemon, the warm colours and cute style they are drawn in makes the scene look very fun and reminds me of fun times I've had at the beach myself." Matoka "The hand-drawn beach artwork featuring Togepi and Meowth in foreground is incredibly wholesome and very cute, colouration and shapes of pokemon in the background are a little wonky but it's relatively minor and very cute to look at." Draak "When I see this I need to get the summer as soon as possible, see all those pokemon with an interaction so close and each one worried about different things makes me especially enjoy this drawing. The way it is colored makes them highlight the Pokemon present in the drawing, and thanks to that can see how it is enjoying each one." 3rd Place @Calaitzakos Linfanz "As with the previous pieces, this piece also is also able to set the scene and create a unique setting thanks to an incredible use of detail such as the rustic aesthetic - synonymous with parched paper, the unique appearance of the Pichu itself such as the inclusion of a hairstyle and the blowing bubbles is able to capture a setting that feels timeless - filled with depth and personality." SneakyTeddi "The details on this art along with the happiness you feel from Pichu make this piece deserving a spot between the winners. It also brings something that is loved by young kids and babies, which is playing soap bubbles. We can really see the emotion and the how much effort was applied to this event's entry." Draak "The Way It is plotted this Pichu seems really good, the expression of his face is very well achieved, it really is a drawing with many details and a lot of time invested. It can transmit the emotion of Pichu when playing with bubbles."
  13. 36 please! IGN: KenDude EDIT: Nevermind
  14. Name: DreamyChan Team: LËM Render/Character: popplio and buizel Background (optional): underwater
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