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    Why can't we just establish some kind of deal with the devs. I mean let's be honest if someone loses a shiny due to an error or a bug in game it's beyond easy to compensate such a player. I had a tyrogue evolve into a hitmonlee when it should've became a hitmontop and I got devs to help me make it a hitmontop. It's not an unreasonable request, rather just a understandable one. Effort equals rewards and if rewards are obscured by glitches or bugs how is that the user's fault? Okay I understand devs take no liability but think about this for 1 moment, imagine you want to hire a storage and store shit in it, if that shit gets stolen who's fault is it? Yours or the company who owns the storage facility? It's the basics honestly.
  3. So i have looked at the guide but still have problems . When i want to keep growing my own leppas so i can keep using sweet scent . What i need to do to farm it most effectively ? I have a wailmer can and those cut things that u use on berries . Question is how to get berries or do i need specific berries . Do i use the Snatch move to get an item from an specific wild pokemon to get the berries for the seeds of the leppa ? Very spice 2x , sour , bitter . Which berries does those seeds give ? Where which poke i need snatch it off . Also i cannot plant 4 seeds , only 3 seed places there are to be placed . But i need 4 ? ... Whats the most effective way to farm all that . I dont want run around and search those marks on ground to get berries .thx
  4. No :v I'm really starting to think this idea really isn't viable. Only because you talked that. It's not impossible... but... Now I fear people will only ctrl+c ctrl+v on this, or even trolling this possible feature. Why i'm talking about trolling something? Because of the forum, we can't vote negatively because of trolls. For now I'm only think about a event involving the idea that I commented above. Mabye I will post it on the "Event Suggestions & Feedback" with really strict rules.
  5. Today
  6. Maybe this is a bit difficult for me to suggest, but I think it would be a good way to make the game more dynamic. I don't know if the developers would have such patience but it would be nice if they put in a raid system that they could do on their own or with friends and in the end put a bounty like a pokemon with a hidden ability or maybe other bounty such as those that can only be caught. with BP
  7. 22.10.19: Doubles – 21 Uhr || 7PM UTC || 3PM ET || 4PM BRT ***We moved the dubs tournament to 23.10.19*** Bracket: https://challonge.com/de/txabgio6 2 of 5 tournaments finished 01. place: Souu - 15 points --> price: 1.0m02. place: @NagaHex - 12 points --> price: 750k03. place: @YEYOxD - 10 points --> price: 250k04. place: @isi1993 - 8 points05. place: fenixxP - 6 points06. place: @LordMaik - 4 points07. place: @AQA - 2 points08. place: @Zigh - 1 point Thx to all players who participated
  8. wait was it this guy who was saying that sun teams and torkoal are op and should be banned while also completely ignoring the fact that gigalith kills sun teams?
  9. Eggplant, What did you use to normalize your audio. Mp3gain doesn't require metadata, and it works on all platforms, but it effects sound quality. Replaygain doesn't effect sound quality, but uses metadata, and I don't know if it works with PokeMMO, I think it should though considering its just playing the track.
  10. They do get around to updating it eventually. It just takes a lot of time because when it comes to updating their site, it requires someone volunteering to write a new analysis, which then gets reviewed by two separate teams - quality and grammar. Latias became OU in DPP around December 2018, and it was only a month or two ago that the site updated Latias' tier in DPP. Shadow Tag was banned like in June 2019, so it'll take a while for the site to reflect the changes. But point being, they do update it.
  11. Seems to be a theme with online Pokemon games, amirite
  12. There is a vanity suggestion box. Modifying the vanitys I don't think will happen. To take care of the players who have spent more time in the game.. As for what you say about the price, it is relative but not only fuck the entire market but the RP vanitys would no longer make any sense. And what you mean is only for those who make high donations and that would make it cost a lot, NO... many can make large donations, MANY. I would go down step by step, even more with something simple that I will tell you ... If there is a nice object someone else will come to copy it, in time it would be nothing unusual to see it everywhere. The vanity suggestion box is the best for those who want to show their "inventions" many vanities of the game came out of there, such as the Ludicolo Cap. And sorry my english xD
  13. Yeah, my post was in response to that link. As in, I was not finding the information there to be 100% accurate.
  14. lmao they don't even update their site anymore
  15. wobbo with shadow trap if banned from OU 5gen I don't know where they get it isn't
  16. Munya


    It's a lag issue I'm pretty sure, happens to me on neither client unless I know my internet is being slow
  17. https://www.smogon.com/dex/bw/formats/ou/ https://www.smogon.com/dex/bw/pokemon/wobbuffet/ Neither Shadow Tag nor Wobb are banned in Smogon tho?????
  18. It means that it's non-static, it either moves/sways with your character or has an animation by itself. Glasses sit on the characters 'Eye' slot, while a helmet goes on the 'Head' slot, so they can used together. You can preview all items within the Gift Shop to see before you choose to use your reward points, most things are compatible with one another. Items can be equipped/unequipped at your leisure.
  19. im guessing you played against a rain team
  20. Hello i was thinking about purchasing 50 Euro worth of points , Getting donator , and some cosmetics. I see a seasonal hex coat , i dont like it im just wondering what it means that it has extra animations . Does it float in the air while u running ? And the other dont ? Also , if u buy an helmet , do glasses can be bought to it , and armor . What stuff doesnt fit together ? Like helmet and hair ? . And can u equip the cosmetics and unequip or are they permanent on you attached . Thanks
  21. Quint

    Value Advice

    How much is a ghost costume worth?
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