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  2. Yeah, in my opinion the auction constitutes half of the pre-season hype and anticipation. There’s so much strategy and risk involved in an auction that a snake draft just seems like a cop-out.
  3. wts doubles help/coaching services (if they caught you its your problem)
  4. The auction is what defines an spl style tournament. This is just a shitty version of smogon's snake draft.
  5. If they came up with those rules, they probably won't even want to play.
  6. Is there a council? If so, who, and will they and the host be allowed to play?
  7. This phase can probably be done in 3 weeks. My recommendation: Week 1: General Thread and Rule/Changes Discussion. & Manager’s sign up thread will open. ( we don't need to have the rules/discussion solidified to let managers start signing up) Week 2: Manager’s sign up thread will be closed, managers will be announced and player sign up thread will open. Week 3: Player sign up thread will be closed. Draft will occur around this time depending on scheduling.
  8. IGN: SemiGodSquirtbo (put Picalex, is a friend) Theme: Dialga Main Color: Steel color (like grey) Secondary Color: Blue Donation?: 50k (I'm saving for a ninja scarf, if not I donate more)
  9. Some of the time, like when I log into my character or fly somewhere, the music will become distorted until I leave the area, or even crash my PokeMMO. I really love the Sinnoh soundtrack and I did see you put a lot of work into this music mod, but if you have a reason for why this happens, or if you have a newer version of this mod, then please let me know. Thank you.
  10. Eggroll made this logo Welcome to the eleventh season of the PokeMMO Super League – widely accepted as the finest and most prestigious tournament in PokeMMO, both officially and unofficially! The PokeMMO Super League is a team based tournament. Eight managers buy together a team and try to lead that team to victory in a thrilling nine week long journey. It certainly is one of the most enjoyable competitions PokeMMO can offer you, so why not read along and join the fun? I, Elcoolio, will be your host. Having spoke with the past hosts and told them of some of ideas I had to spice up PSL we agreed I'd be the right fit for the job. This PSL will also come with different rule-sets and regulations. Make sure you read all of this thread to be fully up to date! Major changes include: 1. Managers will be able to play for their teams. 2. The draft format will be a full snake draft instead of the typical auction. 3. Tiers will be OU/UU/NU/LC/Doubles/SMOU/Manager 1's Choice/Manager 2's Choice. Each manager will be able to choose one tier each week out of OU/UU/NU/LC/Doubles. 4. There will be no mid season auction/draft. 5. Trades will be allowed up until the end of week three. 6. The top four teams after the regular season will play for first place, the bottom four teams will play for fifth place. 7. Each teams prize will be divided among its players based on win rate. If your team gets 45 wins in the season and you got nine of those wins you would receive 20% (9/45) of your teams prize. 8. Coaching will not be allowed. Anyone found to be coaching or being coached will be punished. Schedule: Week 1: General Thread and Rule/Changes Discussion. Week 2: Manager’s sign up thread will open. Week 3: Manager’s sign up thread will be closed, managers will be announced and player sign up thread will open. Week 4 - 5: Player sign up thread will be closed. Draft will occur around this time depending on scheduling. Week 6 - 12: Weekly round-robin. Week 13 – 14: Playoffs. Tiers: As stated above PokeMMO OU PokeMMO UU PokeMMO NU PokeMMO LC PoekMMO Doubles Showdown Sun and Moon OU Donations: As always I will be looking for donations, there will be no end goal in donations this season. I will just gather as much as possible and base the end prize on that. If you wish to donate please mail your donation to 'Elcoolio' in game. Current Pot: $30,000,000 Donators: Elcoolio – $20,000,000 Anonymous, In memory of Roxxass - $10,000,000 General Rules and Information: If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you have any recommendations / suggestions speak up. Have fun reading on the toilet
  11. TeamName: Baleine « GMSM » IGN: gbwead - Captain IGN: Mkns IGN: Stelian IGN: MadaraSixSix
  12. IGN:Darryl Theme:Gengar Main Color:Purple Secondary Color:Light Blue Donation?:10k I know it's not much but I don't have too much money :c
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