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  3. Yeh would boost my market a bit. Jk
  4. Yes pls, activity win for Julian cuz Axlk did not show up
  5. if fntcs doesnt show, plz plz call for activity win for the lolz.
  6. Subbing in @Kepzal for AxLkGhost. Coolio is still asleep but he said to post it now if needed. @FNTCZ
  7. Make just one thread, and no we wont get them, nor will they use any rom hack, just officials, for now at least.
  8. Yikes. First of all, your "handful of countries" shtick is just inaccurate okay, idk what else to say about that. It's not true and it's kinda disgusting that you keep repeating it. Second, your country doesn't have laws against it, because it simply doesn't recognize it. That doesn't make it better lol. Adding "unfortunate" in there is a nice touch, but i'm pretty sure you're ok with it. Anyway, you still can't come up with a decent argument on the actual topic here, which only proves my point. Legality is irrelevant in setting up the rules here, since "drugs" come in legal/illegal forms everywhere. That's the point you seem to be missing (or you're just refusing to adress it, like the age thing). Lastly, I don't personally think the CoC needs an update, I think staff just needs to follow the rules that are in place. Which means not punishing people for talking about drugs.
  9. 20th OT Shiny, 3rd Shiny Rapidash, found at 6,179h... 37h since last shiny encounter, all the EV training karma coming out strong, SRIF.
  10. Ye man, you got me good. Good argument aswell, what a way to defend your point of view and the thread.
  11. Because the mega evolutions have not been added, in order to enjoy more of the pokemon game. You could add to a file as an example the Rom Hacks of gba, It is a summary of the mega evolutions to the Gba Hacks so that you can suggest it.
  12. It goes from 1/30000 to 1/27000. When dealing with the addition or subtraction of percentages it will never just be a straight add on to the number (1/100), this would also make the shiny rate absurd completely diminishing their value
  13. That is terribly worded then, and sounds like a waste of money if you are buying donator status for finding shinies. If you chances are going from 0.00003367003 (~1/29000ish) to 0.00003703703 (1/27000), whats the point? increasing your chances by 4 millionths by paying $15 every 30 days? lol yeaaah no thanks.
  14. All I can say, you look like a new generation kid who just played pubg,fortnite or lol.
  15. +10% means +10% of the original rate. So original+10% which is about 1/27,000
  16. So I bought the Donator Ticket, and it clearly says "+10% chance of encountering shinies", yet in the over 100 pokemon I've encountered since i activated my ticket, I've seen none. 10% should mean 1 out of every 10 pokemon should be shiny, so whats going on here? Why is the ticket not working?
  17. You can, and I know the answer. Pretty sure you know it too
  18. dw I didn't forget I'll be home on Friday
  19. This is actually the only fully functioning one right now, other ones are broken.
  20. suigin

    Ranked Match

    already exists
  21. At least you can sell some Chansey breeders on the Global Trade Link due to a healthy demand in the Blissey market. As for the catching record for Chansey, I would like to congratulate you for keeping up the catching streak. Personally, I am too busy to challenge you on your Chansey catching record. However, PokeMMO is a big place, so you may find another challenger to your Chansey streak record.
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