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Tour rewards and spots


So, as a player who would enjoy fewer seated tournaments (Mostly because I cant really care about staying for so long for a single tour) I came up with some idea:


Since shiny rewards are mostly seen are trophies, I think there should be some distinction between a shiny earned in a 64 player tour or another earn in a 128 player tour. Therefore, was there any con if rewards were something like that :

32 spots - Non shiny comp

64 spots - 2x31 3x25 shiny comp

128 spots - 2x31 3x28+ shiny comp


Iv values are completely random and could be adjusted if needed. 



Clear distinction between different degrees of effort to receive the shiny.

Ability to create different seated tournaments with the same shiny prize (Since different ivs means different trophies)

Less discussion about rare shinies and what not. The boost to the ivs, I believe, would reduce the complaints for higher seated tournaments


Also, not sure if this counts as same suggestion or not: Since playerbase has grown bigger and people complain about fewer seated tournaments shouldnt exist, but some players also dont or cant spend 3 or 4 hours straight for a single tournament,  I would also ike to see 32 and/or 64 man-tours with separated brackets (Like 64 join one tour and other 64 join the other), so both kind of players are satisfied.


Thanks to everyone who read it.


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