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[GUI] ZomB Theme (WiP)

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   ◘  [¬º-°]¬

   ◘  Clean / smooth elements

   ◘  Various default theme fixes (Ex: team window MOTD edit box messed up)

   ◘  Dark theme with easily readable text

   ◘  Highlighted user names; easier to read

   ◘  Customized chat text and colour system

   ◘  Square containers design (non rounded corners)

   ◘  Will type up more later, am tired




   ◘  Build custom header container for item bag ui. At the moment the tabs stick out of the box and it's ugly (sorry DS!)

   ◘  - - -

   ◘  - - -




   ◘  GTL



   ◘  PC Box



   ◘  Battle Screen (Unfinished)



   ◘  Battle Screen (Video)

   ◘  Team



   ◘  Bag



   ◘  Pokemon Summary





   ◘  Coming Soon




   ◘  - - -



 Known Issues                                    

   ◘  Current google font is unable to display chinese characters in chat. Enjoying this atm, will fix later.

   ◘  Pokemon party container still displays old design when changed to moveable box.

   ◘  - - -




Every time I create a theme I will let the public pick the next theme I make using top 3 existing requests to choose from.


This round you can choose between: 1. Deadpool  |  2. Zelda (BoTW)  |  3. 8-Bit Pixels (Post your vote below)


Feel free to comment/suggest/critique




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Not gonna lie.. Looks really good, even though I'm not the biggest fan of green (at all actually)!

But besides my hatred for green the theme looks incredibly nice.


On a sidenote: I would love to see 8-Bit Pixels next, although BotW sounds equally awesome!

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I could do different colour versions of it and just remove the "zombie" aspects I suppose.

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Posted (edited)

Love the colour scheme, You've used mainly black/grey in the background with green used more sparingly mostly in text and icons which makes the ui look really clean. Keep it up. 

Edited by Etozuri

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On 8/16/2019 at 10:45 PM, Kole said:

I could do different colour versions of it and just remove the "zombie" aspects I suppose.

Don't worry! I just personally don't really like green, completely personal opinion! Don't change it, as I suppose a LOT of other people love it the way it is.

Also I didn't say by any means that it looks bad. Still looks incredibly good!

And true the green is really necessary for the "zombie aspect" so overall the zombie part is perfectly executed.


PS: Didn't quite realize that this theme is also done with a premise. So of course the green is important for the zomie part. Keep it up


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