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IT goles against the rules to have severa characters?

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it goes against the rules to have several characters
 Good morning to all, the topic I wanted to comment on is: why the punishment for having several accounts that are for oneself.
 I am youtuber ARCANINE PERU, and I have something of 16 accounts or characters, which are mine, that is, my own.  I play them all, and they help me to have audiovisual material for my YouTube blog.  Also, in these savings for a month and at the end of this, I send to my main account what was saved during the month.

 Here is the mistake of the administrators, who think they give the penalty for possible RMT.

 When this is not the case, youtuber have several accounts due to our YouTube videos and we have to record daily, so we need several accounts of our own.

 We always send our savings to our main account, and that is why they punish us.  It is assumed that if it is from myself, where the illegal is, or that I sold myself.  No rules are broken.

 Administrators can record and review where the pokedinero comes from and where he is going.  It will be necessary to be cautious and to demonstrate that all these accounts are of oneself, and that no rule has been violated.  They will have to verify if it is the same user with the tests, the names of the characters and their account names.

 I recommend this, because it just happened to me, I have two main accounts with my email and the other accounts with my other email.  and I have all my names of my characters and accounts.  I save on all and then send the saved to my main account.  Then, they will verify if they go to my main account.  And they will conclude that if they are accounts of the same person, no rule is broken.  Because it is one person.

 Hopefully solve my problem, because I need to record videos about pokemmo, with my accounts that it took so much time and effort.  Always playing fair and respecting the rules of Pokemmo.

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