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Hodors Budget, Genderless & Only Male Shop

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Welcome to Hodors Budget Shop




I offer the following services:




Braviary Careful 30/30/31/x/31/31


Tyrogue Impish 30/31/31/x/28/31(HJK, Mach Punch, Bullet Punch, Rapid Spin)


Tyrogue Impish 31/27/31/x/26/27(HJK, Mach Punch, Bullet Punch, Rapid Spin)


Tyrogue Adamant 31/31/27/x/30/31(HJK, Mach Punch, Bullet Punch, Rapid Spin)


Tyrogue Jolly 31/31/26/x/26/31(HJK, Mach Punch, Bullet Punch, Rapid Spin)




  • Natured 2x31 3x25+ for 320k


  • Natured 2x31 3x27+ for 370k


  • Natured 3x31 2x25+ for 420k


  • Natured 3x31 2x27+ for 470k


  • Natured 3x31 3x27+ for 700k


No extra costs for up to 3 egg moves

9k gender pokemon cost 20k extra

21k gender pokemon cost 40k extra



+50k if you want a 0 iv instead of 25/27 iv, no extra costs if you want 0 instead of 31 

Genderless & Only Male


Just ask me for these pokemon, I'll advise about availability of dittos before breeding so that the right price range is found.



Ev training/leveling



I offer EV training + lvling to 50 for 50k for the breeds

and for all other pokemon 50k for ev and 70k for ev + lvling to 50


For more specific requests pls pm me here or ig.





Any questions?

I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability



Message me on forum or ig (wildhodor)






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Special re-opening prices

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Misdreavus - 31vel 31at.esp Timid - Natured 2x31 3x27+ for 380k(+40k for 21k gender)

IGN: RealDevilLegend

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I need 2 mons 2x31 3x27 + ev train and level to 50.

Gallade adamant (31 speed, attack) - egg moves: shadow sneak, destiny bond 

252 speed, 252 attack, 4 hp


Blaziken adamant (31 speed, attack) - egg moves: agility, reversal

252 speed, 252 attack, 4 hp


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