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[PSL XI] Finals

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3 hours ago, fredrichnietze said:

that human? is cursed

Bro, the curse has been lifted. No longer will I be exerting my curseness ofcurse. 

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5 hours ago, MaatthewMLG said:

@Aerun cheers bro, we got the best of worst managers title at least 

I bet coolio gives that one to enchant just for summiting the lineups late every single week xd

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Very well now that PSL is officially over, I would like to:


1) Congratulate every other team for making this event a really hyped one till the end (especially the end)

2) Thank every kecleon for all their effort

3) Thank everyone outside kecleons who helped and supported us.

4) Thank coolio (althought by not so much cause bad host (Who was a good host tbh?)), but who despite everything, sacced himself as an host.

5) Thank LYLE for obvious reasons

6) Blame myself for being bad

7) Thank bilburt for his moneys


I think that´s it. 

NVM edit:

8) Thank Munya for being an amazing cheerleader

9) Brag about my amazing PSL names

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On 8/13/2019 at 9:50 AM, Platoons said:

now JJ can pay me back for all that debt he's in


You're my bank bro. No reason to be like that when your role is clear =)

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On 8/11/2019 at 9:00 PM, DaftCoolio said:

Wow look it is done.


Congratz to the Kecleons for winning first place and $167.4m, also this little sig psl-kecleons.gif woooooooooooooooooooo


Owls in third receive $27m shout outs to Mkns for managing them. Owls managed 38 wins in the season, meaning each player will receive roughly 711k per win.


Were the calcs way different in the end or u gave me a wrong quantity? (4.2 something M). Shouldnt be 4.9 since 7 wins?

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