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[MOD] Moemon Enhanced

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On 4/10/2020 at 4:13 AM, TUWieZ said:

Had this same issue. Took a peek into the .mod files of "Moemon 2.0" and "Moemon Enhanced" and found the problem:

"Moemon Enhanced" uses an unfinished edit of the "Moemon 2.0" Bronzor sprite, and the edit doesn't have transparency; which causes a crash any time the game attempts to load in Bronzor. (in both stats and encounters) Not to mention, aside from this unfinished sprite lacking transparency, it's also flipped in the wrong horizonal orientation - and has no shiny variant (the shiny version is from "Moemon 2.0" while the normal version is the bugged edit)

Edit from Moemon Enhanced: (crash culprit; lacked transparency, correct horizontal orientation, or shiny variant)

Comparison between original and enhancement edit (zoomed in and flipped to same orientation)

This bug kills a playthrough of Sinnoh region since there are many Bronzor encounters, so I took the liberty of fixing the bug myself by putting the original "Moemon 2.0" Bronzor sprite back into "Moemon Enhanced". You can grab my hotfix here:


Make sure to disable the old mod while enabling this one, because if the bugged mod has priority over the fix, you will get the same crash.

Hope Raichuforyou will release an official update with a proper working version of his Bronzor sprite edit, as well as a shiny variant. I think Raichuforyou's edit of Bronzor looks very nice and would like to see it in a working official release.

(Also noticable while playing through Sinnoh, both gender variants of Shellos are the same color; not sure if this is just a placeholder or if it's something that needs to be fixed.)

The mod is great, I already tried it and it no longer has the bronzon problem, only the small detail that the sprites are not well arranged when entering combat but the rest is great, it is still that big and I hope they can still improve! !!! I will wait for the other updates of the mod to use it with much pleasure as with this

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