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What if...

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What if you woke up... and Sinnoh wasnt there?

What if it was only a dream?


Because only in my dream im vulnerable

only there i can feel the red-heated steel burning through my skin

maybe there wasnt a dream afterall

maybe there is not a single leaf in a forest falling right now

who am i to seek for an oportunity

to seek for another choice...

Im just me, and you are just you.

You are just a dream.



                 -Marissa (demonhunter in charge / magic girl / spontaneous movie maker / shiny hunter / marissa / mod (creator) / smoochum lover / smoochie owner /

                                 god's friend (sometimes) / has a swampert 6x15 / helps people / completely non plus ultra / marissa / time traveler / good friend / samurai /

                                 philosopher / poetess / gem miner / marissa / common flower / phantasmagoric illusion / creative artist / technically not a ghost / godslayer /

                                 ecologist / Demi-fiend / meme dealer (not really) / uncommon bird / deluxe / unreal / almost a DOOMSLAYER / perfomancer / witch / YoRHa unit /

                                 swimmer / Hoenn champion (almost there) / inmortal being / bad apple / flower antimony / unnamed sea / reasonable person / Okina Matara /

                                 i get sad easily, sorry / pet lover / grateful "human" / sorry / optimistic / marissa / globaly recognized / glass heart chevalier / Sinnoh queen /

                                 egyptian / maid (sometimes) / extremely cute / fast traveller )

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1 minute ago, YoRHaWitchMarissa said:

You are just a dream.

no u

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