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Posted (edited)
43 minutes ago, BoltBlades12 said:

and now i check the gtl, they are still around 45k, the exact same as how they were before the update. so much for that value increase.

Pls look again


1 hour ago, WildHodor said:

one of the few items whichs value does not fall and maybe even increase a little bit

Told you it will not fall and maybe increase. All depends on how much the effect of being more rare outpowers the effect of deflation in the whole market.

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Posted (edited)
12 hours ago, BoltBlades12 said:

- Value hasn't increased or maintained, it has gotten less

- Now there's no longer an effective way to hunt leftovers, so people give up

-value has increased

-if people give up, value goes higher, supply/demand rule.


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