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I have no idea if I can ask this in this forum but since ive found this i just cant decided where to go or how to choose the best Mod.

Anyone using Mods that they would recommend and that are working well? 

Im looking mostly for mods that have to do with Pokemon following you, sprites and if it exists a mod that makes the game better or cleaner game play? (sorry if the last request is a bit weirdly phrased? not native english speaker and had trouble expressing what im looking for xD )


Thank you and sorry if im asking this on the wrong place!

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Posted (edited)

It can depend on whether you are using Desktop or Android, as mod support can differ, but these are the ones I suggest.
Pick ones that you believe are best suited for you. @SteveDerBaum's mod suggestion (the post above) I would also highly recommend. 




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if you play on PC this ones

HD sprites

Upscaled back sprites

Last gen monster icons

Generation 5 Followers sprites

Pokemon Stadium cries 


if you play on Android, you cant add much more than Sprites and Icons

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