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Only show used nu pokemon in pokedex


I would like to discuss that if you search for nu pokemon in the pokedex, only pokemon which actually have a usage of a certain percantage (maybe atleast 1%) are shown. I think this could help new players getting an overview of the nu tier as easy as it is in the other tiers. Maybe pokemon who are below the percantage cut could be sorted into untiered or rest.


Feel free to discuss

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2 hours ago, Zymogen said:

Suggested this nearly 3 years ago, not a single response from staff on the matter

Thx for sharing, didnt know, would be nice to get some feedback from official side if this is possible

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Small mistake

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On 7/13/2019 at 10:16 PM, IMKWMKM said:

maybe they could additionally implement an option to sort pokemon by usage

Yeah sorting by usage ig would be nice

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