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Hey guys, well 1st of all i'm new in this game, and i want to know how to get Reward Points, for the HM Occarinas.

I'm aware that you can use money and donate to the game, but i still don't know if there are another methods, i mean, if there are another methods. It would also be nice to have the money for the reward points but i don't, so i need to know if there are other methods.

Well, that's a short discussion, but i really want the answer, so pls help me out on this. Sorry if i'm asking for much, but...that's about it.

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Hello! ^^

Aside buying RPs on the Gift Shop, you can get RPs on official events. You can also buy RPs from players with pokeyens, that would consist in:
> You choose the item you want to buy from the Gift Shop
> The player selling the RPs buy it and sell it to you for the combined price.


Another option would be searching for the item you want on the GTL or just announcing on the trade chat what Gift Shop item you want to buy.

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As far as I know, the only other way to get reward points is to win some of the big tournaments that are hosted.


But most of the things in the reward shop can be found on the GTL, but are rather expensive.

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