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[SIG][RE-OPENED] Bread's Bakery

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Hello, I would like a complete signature, with thematic of my favorite character, Kid Flash. 

I will send you the details by private message. Thank you.



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Hey guys, I've re-opened my GFX Shop, with a few adjustments:


- Revamped Looks & all

- My services now have a fee | let's be honest, nobody like doing stuff for free

- I've removed the Train Card Option due to being unpopular

- Requests may take some time, depending on my mood #self-care


Apologies to those whose requests were not finished last time (in like 2019, yikes), feel free to contact me again.

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Posted (edited)

Render/Image: Shiny smeargle

Text: Dreamychan (Team Mr)


Donation: (You can just pm me if you don't want to show everyone)

Type of Request: Signature/Icon/Etc (signature)

Signature Option (if you've chosen signature above): Rectangle OR Misty? Rectangle

Note: (anything in particular that you're after)

Edited by EmoDuck

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Posted (edited)
9 hours ago, AkileshX said:

how much are you charging atm ? @Breadlicious

The fee can be found on the first page xD I've updated it. It ranges from 100k to 500k

Edited by Breadlicious

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