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Motion to dismiss the mayoral elections

Motion to dismiss the mayoral elections  

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On the grounds that it is a joke. The "final votes" are going on right now while the person holding the poll (cali) is still arguing how long would the term be. that should've been decided before any votes are casted or even any canditates are to join the race. Just this very fact and level of disorganization is astonishing. The process should be carried out by a staff member, not @calidubstep. Who gave her (or any one member of the community) the authority to decide for all of us when, how and if a vote was to take place?


That's only on the technical side of the "elections" however on the moral one, we ought respect what the "Mayor of PokeMMO" really is. It is not an official position of power, but rather a forums meme that happened to make a good man really happy and proud.  


And so I decided, if cali can make a poll to decide for everyone, so can I! and thus, I'm moving forward this motion to dismiss the flawed elections we were forced into. FREEDOOOOOM!!


Disclaimer: Both options are yes because am here not to do a vote 2.0 but rather to gather up signatures, ty for your understanding.

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It's okay, if BF loses this we'll just get a new YouTube channel called Roy Rogers Coups

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