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[IPS] Berry Trees return in Fire Red

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unknown.pngBerry holes begone!
This is a simple IPS patch for Fire Red v1.1 that replaces those stupid hole lines for berries. All the other games have trees, why not bring them to Kanto? Since there is only one tile, and one design for the berry holes, I decided to go with an updated version of the Fruit Bearing Trees from Gold/Silver/Crystal version. Since I didn't modify the palette or anything extra, this patch works with the seasons and day/night. This is the perfect mod for people that are happy with how Fire Red looks, but just hate walking around looking for those dumb lines in the grass. Welcome back, trees.


    I just created a Version 2, using an alternate tree/bush palette, which gives a more vibrant hue, making the tree stand out even more!
    Choose whichever version you prefer, Lunar IPS links are below.


Download Alternate Palette (Version 2)

Download Grass Palette (Version 1)

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@Beanlee First you need a copy of Fire Red version 1.1, which I hope you already have, because I can't help you get a rom.
To patch a LIPS file, all you need to do is download Lunar IPS to your computer, click on the .exe, it will ask you to select your Fire Red rom, then select the patch.
I have 2 versions now, so you can download either palette file from my dropbox, and put the Fire Red 1.1 rom and .ips file in the Lunar IPS folder.
After patching the rom with the .exe, drag the Fire Red rom to your roms folder where you have Black/White and the other roms, then open up PokeMMO.
Edit the client with the options button = and select the newly patched rom. Now when you play, the berry holes will look like the Gold/Silver/Crystal Fruit Bearing Trees.

@HackGod Saw you liked it, so I wanted to let you know I updated it with an Alternate version!

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or on osx you can use "multipatch" app

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