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Rallying Support for Bestfriends - ft. lottery and livestream

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Hey guys. Eggplant here to spread awareness to the rightful holder of the title of 'Mayor'.


I'm sure you all need no introduction to him, as he is so active in actively helping out the community's in-game chat, it's hard to miss him even if you don't use the forums.

Not to mention the sheer amount of guides, youtube videos, news reports, even exclusive dev interviews with devs that I've never spoken to despite being staff???? (shu) The guy is a legend.


Today I'd like to encourage you guys to vote for a mayor here.

And should you choose to vote for Bestfriends, I've prepared some minor incentives to express our gratitude.



1: A crappy drawing of your character in ms paint


Everyone who is on the bestfriends' voters list is entitled to a drawing of their character, by me.

You'll get a little 'I voted' badge.

I'll just need you to dump a screenshot of your character in this thread or something.


Art Gallery:





yYeTCdv.png aurumpegasus



2: Entered in a lottery (donations open)


Everyone who is on the bestfriends' voters list will be entered in a free, no-entrance-fee lottery.

The prize pool is 1mil because I'm broke, but donations are welcome. Just post in here if you'd like to donate.


This lottery's drawing will occur tuesday probably, after the elections.

I won't be entering accounts less than a month old, however, even if legitimate users.


Prize Pool: 1.5m


Zehkar - 500k



3: I'll be livestreaming the whole thing!

I'll be playing PokeMMO for the most part, and tabbing out when it's time to draw your character!

Come chill with fellow bestfriends supporters and let us rally together!

Let's flood global chat for bestfriends or something with a new hashtag!



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