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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   I realized how fun breeding is and thats why I am opening the Shop ! :)   What I offer?   1x31, 4x27+ =  300k   2x3

So, Let me be clear, this "human", of which I am still not sure if that term is applicable. It bred 66 mons within the span of half a week. If you don't watch out this guy takes all your money and jus

Seems like you can’t handle all these. You can just mail me half, bro. :^)

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16 hours ago, SrMango said:

Best breeder! I said i would be back for more, and Spxter always delivers. Highly recommend for any of his services

ty man appreciate it 

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15 hours ago, SneakyL0rd said:

Very fast breeding, accurate and much cheaper than any other breeder i have known. Really Good job, and very kind as a person as well. Thank you very much for your service Spxter!


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