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Spxter's [Breed Shop]

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I realized how fun breeding is and thats why I am opening the Shop ! :)


What I offer?




1x31, 4x27+ =  300k


2x31, 3x25+  =  350k
2x31, 3x27+  =  375k

2x31, 3x30+  =  650k


3x31, 2x25+  =  480k

3x31, 2x27+  =  525k

3x31, 2x30+  =  750k


5x31  =  1.2m


- If u want Genderless, Male or Hapiness Breed

 just pm me and we can talk about the price 



=all natured for sure!



1. Male and Hapiness breeding I do also! (Just ask me for price)

   2. 21k breed's are 50k extra and 9k breed's are 25k extra


3. 1 Egg Move's is free (Rest cost extra)




To avoid Scams and have legit business i need the cash upfront as for your own safety you can

post down below the requested poke and take screen shots for the Devs if you don't trust me.

- Send me via Mail inGame please with the IV's, EV etc you want!


IGN: Spxter

If you have any question, feel free to ask me here or in game :)

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Selling Some Comps:

( THEY are eved and have moveset and some have PP max)

IF U WANT ANYTHING JUST PM.ME in discord SpxteR#9659


Skarmory Jolly 28/31/29/x/29/31  450k
Darmantian Jolly 29/31/30/x/28/31 450k
Hydreigon Timid 30/x/29/31/28/31 400k
Jolteon Timid 2x31 3x27 400k
Tentacruel Calm 31/x/26/28/31/31 450k
Chandeldure Modest 27/x/27/30/27/31 275k
Scizor Adamant 2x31 3x28 400k
Gliscor Adamant 2x31 3x29 450k


Flygon Jolly 2x31 3x28 400k
Alakazam Timid 3x31 2x27 500k
Alakazam Timid 2x31 3x27 400k
Durant Adamant 2x31 3x28 450k
Durant Jolly 28/30/30/x/26/31 300k
Swampert Relaxed 30/29/28/28/29/29 400k


Espeon Timid 3x31 2x27 500k
Quagsire Relaxed 5x29 350k
Steelix Impish 1x31 4x27 300k
Timid Mismaguis 2x31 3x28 450k
Stoutland Adamant 2x31 3x27 400k
Houndoom Timid 2x31 2x29 1x26 400k

toxicgroak jolly 2x31 3x27 400k
bibarel adamant 2x31 3x27 400k 
Frosslass timid 2x31 3x27 400k
galvantuala timid 2x31 3x27 400k
Manetric timid 31/x/31/30/31/31 600k
dusknoir adamant 1x31 4x27 300k
Scyther jolly 2x31 3x28 450k
Rhydon Adamant 29/31/27/x/30/30 350k

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