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Ban Appeal

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Character name:[Edited by staff]
Account name:[Edited by staff]
What were you banned from?: pokemmo
"When were you banned?": 04/07/2019
"Take a Screenshot of the message": zppJtLM.jpg

Yesterday I was chasing flashes and dreams.
For my six favorite elves!
To save time, put pp fruit and sweetness in the shortcut bar!
So I work like a script!
But no scripts were used!
During this time, I often chat with my friends, about 2 groups of pp fruit, in China about 0.00 time to go out to play games to sleep.
The odds of 1 to 30000 take a long time!
But it's all worth dreaming about!
But my dream has just begun to be mistakenly sealed, I am very reluctant!
About 500 hours, is my hard work!
Appeal again: I ruoki, did not open the script
Edited by Deviluke

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如hannahtaylor所说,与申诉有关的帖子请麻烦发到 Ban Appeal 版块。发完后请耐心等待官方人员的回复,谢谢。






English Translation:




As hannahtaylor said, ban appeal related topics should be posted in the Ban Appeal section. After you made the post, please wait patiently for staff to reply, thank you.


Sorry for the inconvenience and good luck.





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