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Intervene Team Rocket's evil plan! Catching event - Sat, July 6th

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Team Rocket has robbed the casino in Celadon city!

The casino is giving away 1 million pokeyen to the person that can deal with Team Rocket.


Unfortunately all your pokemon are having a day off from battling,

luckily for you team rocket has alot of wild pokemon wandering around in their base.


Catch the highest IV pokemon and claim your price!





July 6th



1pm EDT - Time zone converter



Pokemon mansion (basement) , Cinnabar island, Kanto, ch 1
Check this video untill 00:40 to see how to get to the basement.



1 hour for catching

Another 10 minutes for players to submit entries



Total Sum of IVs + Species Bonus + Nature Bonus = Total Score




     Pokemon accepted as valid entries     

     QPp1T51.gif                                              G5TtafT.gif

                  Koffing                                                          Grimer             

                      (Species: no bonus)                                      (Species: no bonus)         
             (Bold Nature: +3 Points)                       (Carefull Nature: +3 Points)



        dRsC5XE.gif                                                AG129VC.gif

             Vulpix                                                                Ditto            

            (Species: +2 Points)                                        (Species: +6 Points)         
             (Modest Nature: +3 Points)                       (Jolly Nature: +5 Points)     






Only members of team läva are allowed to join this event.

To win this event u must submit an entry that scores the highest in total

Your entry must be caught within the time of the event is held

Your entry must be unchanged(untrained/unevolved)

Your entry has to be your ot 

You can only submit 1 pokemon as entry

If a score tie occurs ,the winner will be determinated by the earliest catch time





(or Fixedgaming)




「 1st Prize 」



「 2nd Prize 」


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2 minutes ago, MathewMat said:

Remember to bring damp protection if you are taking part in the event to prevent selfdestruct 

Unless its a shiny geodude, then just let it explode!

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