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The Passenger's Brawl! [Tag Team Tournament UU + NU] (Thursday July 4th, 2019)

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The Passenger's Brawl! [Tag Team Tournament UU + NU] (Thursday July 4th, 2019)






32 Players ; 6v6 ; Tournament Mode Duels ; 6v6 UU and NU


Date & Time:


Thursday July 4th ; 9pm UTC - 5pm EST - 6pm ART  Time Zone Converter




You will be registered 15 minutes prior to the event deadline. Make sure to put down your in game name, your partner's in game name, and your team name. All players that are playing must be registered!


Your Name:

Your Partner's Name:

Your Team Name: 




Gear Station, Channel 5








Sleep/OHKO/Pristine/Species/Evation/Hax Item/Bag Item/Self KO

Here is a list of all the clauses and what they mean in battle


Banned Move:


Baton Pass (UU + NU)




1st Place = Ghost Purging Outfits + 1 Goodie Bag from 2015 + 3,000,000 Pokeyen

2nd Place = Overcoats (Dark Green) + Male 5x31 Field Breeders + 2,000,000 Pokeyen

3rd Place = Peaked Caps (Dark Green) + x10 Breeding Braces + x2 Ability Pills + 1,000,000 Pokeyen




  • If you disconnect from a match, then the match will result in a DQ.
  • Do not block me or my referees running the event. Failure to comply in this request will result in a disqualification of you and your team.
  • Once your match is called, you will have 10 minutes to come to the designated train entrance. No time extensions given.
  • Time Clause is in effect in Round 1 and 2. When there is a tie (1-1) and the third match takes an hour, a decision by the host/referee may be made by the outcome of the duel.
  • Tag Teams must have 2 players per round. If a Team is registered, but fails to have 2 members, 1st reserve team will take their place in the bracket.
  • Your team is allowed to switch who is battling in UU and NU. Example: Bestfriends (UU) and BobSmith (NU) Round 1; BobSmith (UU) and Bestfriends (NU) Round 2.
  • The Tie Breaker Tier will be UU.


Host: Bestfriends

Refs: Linfanz, SneakyTeddi, DemonicDax, Gilan


Edited by Bestfriends
Added Gilan as a ref.

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Just now, SerenaTuWaifai said:

Name : SerenaTuWaifu


Partner's Name : CuervoSabio


Team Name : no lleven counter qleros

Please register 15 minutes prior to the event.

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8 hours ago, Bestfriends said:

 1st Place = Overcoats (Dark Green)

E: I'm glad you fixed it Bestfriends ^.^

Edited by Laz

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Important announcements for this tournament:


1. @Gilan is taking SneakyTeddi's place for reffing matches.


2. As for layout, I have plans drawn up as to wear the spectators and duelers have to stand.





1. The left and right edges are for spectators (where Gilan and Teddi are standing)

2. Where DemonicDax and Linfanz are standing are where battlers are going to line up. (2 matches north and south of the hosts)

3. The circle I am standing on is where the host will stand.


3. This place is being used as a test tournament location. If this tournament passes my expectations, then I plan on using this place as a long tournament location (unless there is a new one that can outperform the Gear Station's functionality).


4. I wish all the participants well in their fights, gl and hf! Make sure to sign up 15 minutes prior to the event starting.

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Your Name: Zreetx

Your Partner's Name: VadimEmpoleon 

Your Team Name: The HaxCrylers

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Your Name: GodKingEsranius

Your Partner's Name: RELuc

Your Team Name: Inkompetenzkompensationskompetenz



Your Name: BlizzardGG

Your Partner's Name: Wildhodor

Your Team Name: Mehrwertsteuerharmonierungskompromisslösungskommissionsbeschluß


Your Name: XAlphaPascalX

Your Partner's Name: MrPulsar

Your Team Name: Linksradikalenrechtsschutzversicherung

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My name: TheChopo

My partner's name: MichaelArs

Team name: Quiler's Luck

Edited by xPryorx

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team name : metapod carry

my name: makx

partner: aurumpegasus




Edited by mackx

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Your Name: Cali

Your Partner's Name: xSparkie

Your Team Name: Crit me baby one more time (CRIT)

Edited by calidubstep

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Your Name: Cristi

Your Partner's Name: MiraiZura

Your Team Name: Helicóptero


Edited by CristiDOX

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Your Name: Xigbaar

Your Partner's Name: trelos

Your Team Name: LAVA honor

Edited by Xigbar

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