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[PSL XI] Week 6

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Hey so here it is. If you have any questions ask your manager or check the general thread.

Regular Season Round Robin: https://challonge.com/psleleven


July Tier changes will apply this week, they can be found here



Gardevoirs of the Galaxy (3) Vs Drako.. Dracarys! (5)

OU: Bluebreath vs Luke

UU: Yangsam vs Zhiko
NU: Umbramol vs Haazuu
LC: Yettodie vs NoWall
Doubles: iJulianFNT vs Lluvvia
SMOU: Sebat vs ZeknShooter

Doubles: Lkrenz vs Cristi

OU: PoseidonWrath vs Titoooo


Munya's Kecleons (6) Vs The Beefy Bouffants (2)

OU: Linken vs azzazz

UU: Urquidi vs Aerun
NU: DylanWoodz vs Frags
LC: pachima vs Busso
Doubles: DoctorJJ vs RealDevilLegend
SMOU: SweetForU vs gunthug

NU: Lazaaro vs Cali

NU: cjmystogan vs Zymogen


The Raging Noctowls (4) Vs Krafty Krooks (4)

OU: Kiwikidd vs Souu

NU: PentaQQ vs xSparkie
LC: OscarFail vs NagaHex
Doubles: Zigh vs Redav
SMOU: Havsha vs TheChampionMike

NU: Mkns vs Bakugo
Doubles: AlejandroGB vs Kepzal


Spared No Expense (3) Vs Dynamic Monkeys (5)

OU: Drayyton vs yeyoxD

UU: Schuchty vs xLuneth
NU: AurumPegasus vs LifeStyle
LC: MaatthewMLG vs pitzzin
Doubles: Parke vs Rendi
SMOU: Zokuru vs DeadGorilla

NU: Titinn vs enchanteur
NU: Lotus  vs darkquiler






Deadline Monday, 8th of July at 6:30pm GMT

Don't forget to PM your opponent ASAP!

Remember to post your scheduled battle time in this thread at least 10 minutes before it starts.

Showdown players remember to provide replays.

All in-game battles shall be played in Vermillion Channel 4 PC.

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