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Competitive Pokemon Lendout


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Hey all!

Team Läva is filled with alot of good competitive players and besides learning from eachother we can do more 

to make our team #1 in competetive play on Pokemmo.




In this topic you can post your competitive pokemons that you want lend out for other team members to use, 

borrowing a pokemon is only allowed when:

- You are a team Läva member

         - You have pokemon for lend yourself


By lending out pokemons among the team members we can increase the amount of competitive players /playstyles in our team, lending a pokemon or borrowing a pokemon is a free service unless there has been discussed otherwise between both parties.




1. You have to be a member of team lava in order to use this service.

2. The person that lends out a pokemon always determines when the pokemon has to be given back.

3. Abusing or scamming in this service results into a permanent team kick + player report towards staff.

4. You can only borrow pokemon when you have pokemon that others can lend yourself.

5. The person that lends out the pokemon has every right to refuse a lend request.

(make sure to screenshot your trades)


Layout for your post:                                                                                                                                             

*Example, fill this in with your own details*

Ingame name: 


Pokemons that I am willing to lend out:

OU pokemons for lend: (use the spoiler feature on all this)


- pokemonname / iv's / moves

UU pokemons for lend:


- pokemonname / iv's / moves

- pokemonname / iv's / moves


NU pokemons for lend:


- pokemonname / iv's / moves

- pokemonname / iv's / moves


LC pokemons for lend:


- pokemonname / iv's / moves

- pokemonname / iv's / moves



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Pokemon that i am willing to lend out

ou pokes available for lend :


Gyarados 5x31 adamant /waterfall bounce earthquake dragon dance

scizor 5x31 adamant /x scizor bullet punch superpower sword dance

brellom 5x31 adamant / bullet punch mach punch focus punch spore

mienshao 6x31 naive /hi jump kick hidder power ice grass knot u turn

mienshao 5x31 jolly/hi jump kick u turn knock off fake out

conkedurr 5x31 adamant /mach punch drain punch bulk up ice punch

ferrothorn 4x31 relaxed / gyro ball power whip leech seed stealth rocks

skarmory 5x31 impish / spikes stealth rocks roost whirlwind

blissey 5x31 bold/softboiled seismic toss toxic flamethrower

tyranitar 5x31 adamant/crunch dragon dance rock slide earthquake

umbreon 5x31 imprish/wish toxic protect foul play

gengar 5x31 timid /shadow ball hiider power fire thunderbolt psychic


 uu pokes available for lend:


typlosion 5x31 timid /erutpion flamethrower hidder power focus blast

flygon 5x31 adamant /dragon claw u turn earthquake thunderpunch

heracross 5x31 jolly /megahorn close combat rock slide earthquake

alakazam 5x31 timid /psychoc focus blast energy ball shadow ball

snorlax 5x31 carefull/body slam fire punch curse rest

venusaur 5x31 calm /sludge bomb giga drain leech seed sleep powder

forretress 5x31 imprish /spikes volt switch stealth rock rapid spin

 nu pokes available for lend:


charizard 5x31 jolly/bellydrum fire punch thunderpunch substitute

charizard 5x31 timid /flamethrower hidder power air slash solarbeam 

tauros 2x31 at and speed 2x30 hp and sp def  1x25 def jolly/return zen headbutt earthquake quick attack

aerodactyl 5x31 jolly /double edge rock slide earthquake crunch 

sceptile 5x31 jolly/ leaf blade sword dance thunderpunch earthquake

slaking 5x31 adamant /return fire punch ice punch earthquake





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OU pokemons for lend:



UU pokemons for lend:



NU pokemons for lend:


Blazeken Hasty 6x31 Moves Flare Blitz - Hi Jump Kick - Flamethrower - Thunderpunch

Charizard Jolly 5x31 Moves Belly drum - Thunderpunch - Dragonclaw - Flamecharge

Sceptile Timid 5x31 Moves Leaf Storm - Hidden power ice - Giga Drain - Focus Blast

Blastoise Bold 5x31 Moves Haze - Scald - Toxic - Roar

Ursaring Adament 5x31 Moves Sword Dance - Shadowclaw - Earthquake - Facade

Throh Careful 31 31 29 x 31 25 Moves Rest - Payback - Bulk up - Circle throw 

Feraligatr Adament 5x31 Moves Dragon Dance - Ice Punch - Waterfall - Earthquake

Steelix Brave 4x31 1x0 Moves Stealth rocks - Earthquake - Roar - Gyro Ball

Tauros Jolly 31 31 26 26 30 31 Moves Return - Pursuit - Quick attack - Earthquake

Hitmonchan Adament 30 31 31 x 26 31 Moves Mach Punch - Thunder Punch - Drain Punch - Ice Punch

Vanilluxe Modest 5x31 Moves Hidden power grass - Ice Shard - Blizzard - Automize

Clefable Clam 5x31 Moves Cosmic power - Hyper Voice - Softboiled - Stored Power

Slowking Calm 5x31 Moves Slack off - Calm mind - Scald - Psychic

Ludicolo Bold 5x31 Moves Scald - Leach seed - Giga Drain - Synthesis 

Amoonguss Bold 5x31 Moves Giga drain - Synthesis - Clear Smog - Spore

Nidoking Timid 5x31 Moves Earth power - ice beam - Flamethrower - Sludge wave



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OU Pokémon for lend:


- Metagross 5x31 Adamant Stealth Rock Bullet Punch Meteor Mash Hammer Arm 

- Swampert 30-10-30-26-31-26 Relaxed Stealth Rock Scald Earthquake Toxic but feel free to change them as I'm not going to need it anytime soon


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