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[Video] GoldenSunIsaac Youtube Thread | Whiph Tikoto

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GoldenSunIsaac's Youtube Thread


Hey guys, welcome to my Youtube Thread! I figured since I've finished school for the year, and work has been slowing down I'll take some time and make a return on PokeMMO. It's been a while since i've been active or even playing, but i'm planning on coming back as a regular. With that being said, I'll be making some Youtube Content every now and then trying to upload every event I spectate or participate in. I'm also doing this to work on my video editing skills just for the fun of it! I won't be doing commentary unless i'm making a video with a friend or my brother for now I'll just be capturing Official/Unofficial events!


This is my first video uploaded regarding PokeMMO, with yesterdays funny catching event "A Sneaky Kitty". The goal was to catch the best Purrloin / Lilipup... -__-


I got tired of seeing those puppies honestly lmao. Hope you guys enjoy the little vid \o/




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4 minutes ago, KaynineXL said:

It has been a long time, master...



omg Kaynine, you still play #VALEFTW xD! I'm just mad the Team is still alive lmao

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