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[PSL XI] Week 5

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2 hours ago, Kamimiii said:

Well your teambuild confirmed what I thought of you sooo I don't rly get where I was wrong hehe !


Gg nontheless

did he run scarf bouffant

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Had the win, hax saved my opponents ass and then I got 6-0'd lmfao what a turn of events. Glad to see Lluvvia is a really good person with no self-esteem issues whatsoever.

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Posted (edited)

Dude Volc is the worst matchup of that team, had to assume you scouted that team to just see you ignore one of my main ways of heavily chunking it.


Your self steem is indeed high if you "had" the win when 4 mons that take hits from it are alive, and yet you had to not hit the Wide Guard for third time. 


That being said, go Drakos.



Edited by Lluvvia

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