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Looking For New Trainer Card Profiles




As everyone can see with pressing C, we have trainer cards. Those numbers helps us to see our situation and reminds us that we enjoy this game.


This card includes;

  1. Pokedex infos,
  2. Money you have,
  3. BP
  4. The time u spent
  5. Obedince level
  6. Badges and the date you began this game.

But would be better if other people can see our achievements too , no? If we could check other people's cards with clicking on themdca587969d3ff44944051ac9121aad94.png


It would be nice if we can show another version of those trainer cards to other people;

  1. Pokedex infos,
  2. The date you began
  3. Maybe your favourite pokemons.
  4. Some notes about themselves as any social community profile.
  5. Team Infos.
  6. Also maybe pokemmo staff can add our achievements on tournaments too. Example, Top 4 people at tournaments. The rewards they won. Shortcut to that tournament. 
  7. Maybe pokemmo staff can give some rewards to players with more than 1000 hours gameplay. 2000h, 3000h and more... Maybe a special vanity for those people to make other players stay more online in this game.


Of course, those infos can be hidden or visible depends to player's wish. Would not this be nice?

Looking for support.

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On 6/14/2019 at 7:43 AM, Akshit said:

Pretty sure something of the sort has been suggested many times before. The most recent one before this being:


Ye, add your ideas to this and upvote it pls! I'd love to see this happen

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