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Update Trade Corner Lottery Rules


So we had an extremely poor conducted lottery recently, but what makes it the worst lottery ever is not just the fact that OT due to his irl reasons was not able to promote and update his lottery tickets... What makes it the absolute worst is how staff drew the winner for it.


Number 9 came, no one even had #9, and winner was selected. The reason for doing so from their side was stated as:

'Already consulted this, he chose the 9th number down, rolling a 100 sided dice since 100 tickets were sold'

'Exactly 100 tickets have been sold. I just went with the ninth down.'


Who exactly was consulted ? And why weren't the participants who paid 750k per ticket informed about this change in methodology of selecting winner before ?


This random method was further poorly defended stating:

'Mathematically doesn't make a difference, a player's chances of winning isn't affected at all in this case.'


It makes a huge difference since this is RNG / luck based. For example, if a random number had been generated between 1 to 250, which were the actual ticket numbers, and 9 was fated to come, no one would've won. There would've been a re-roll and then maybe someone else would have got it. And whoever would have got it, would've actually selected the number which won. The method used by staff here makes the whole point of selecting unique number(s) rather useless and throws away the excitement of a specific unique number winning.


Trade Corner Lottery Rule #2:


  • The staff member in question will draw the number and mail the prize to the winner.


So far for almost all lotteries, when a number is drawn, the player who selected that number wins. If a number drawn isn't taken, should just re-roll then.

Why did staff use this method. Not only is it comparatively complicated, it sucks. Takes away the whole point of unique ticket number from people who actually paid for the sold tickets.


And if this is how things are to be conducted in case all tickets are not sold, then please update the trade corner lottery rules first instead of making a new rule out of nowhere, finalizing it, & implementing it without informing anyone beforehand.


P.S. I had not participated in this lottery, this is not a 'I'm mad I didn't win' kinda post.

Rules just need to be fixed and clearly stated so that we do not have similar mess in future. Cause the way this lottery has been handled just makes me go OOF.

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21 minutes ago, Dibz said:



So they didn't improve the staff that host lotteries nor train them in how to host lotteries but got rid of numbers entirely instead :))) Opinions?


GG on the lazy way out, Bear

Its literally a way to remove staff judgement in the case of what happened in that lottery, when you buy raffle tickets you know what you are purchasing into and as far as I can tell, the lack of staff intervention it will require as far as judgments go is a good thing as there can't really be any controversy behind it as you knew the rules from the getgo.

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