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Pokemmo Mayoral Re-Election Candidate Nomination 2019

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are you ready to be thrown in jail?  

I nominate @Bestfriends again.   Literally anyone else who gets elected, the meme will die in 3 weeks and we won't really have a mayor anymore.

ahahaha u go gluumuk fish for those likes my friend    

2 hours ago, Flavawhat said:

screw mayoral elections, how do we get on that hitlist??


I believe you got on that list if you liked a comment he disagreed with


I'm not even joking

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On 6/1/2019 at 10:00 AM, DeadGorilla said:

are you ready to be thrown in jail?

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As hilarious and ridiculous as this list is, I think it proves that he’s not xatu. Xatu fucking hated me

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On 6/1/2019 at 9:00 AM, DeadGorilla said:

are you ready to be thrown in jail?

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Wait so are we not supposed to trust them around those specific times on the specific days of the week mentioned in the snapshots? Or just during that specific minute? I'm a bit confused, but I agree with that bio 10/10

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1 hour ago, ApacheHelicopter said:

I nominate @gbwead


Because he'd be able to tell you how having toilets is bad and you'll end up believing him. Because he's the one guy that'd be able to sell you a chair 10 times the price. Because he's smart and talented. Because he's  the hero pokemmo deserves and the one we need.




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