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Pokemmo Mayoral Re-Election Candidate Nomination 2019

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So as reigning mayor for the life of the game, Bestfriends will be our first (and hopefully not only) candidate. This thread will be your chance to let your voice be heard as to why you or someone else is deserving of the pristine title of Mayor.


Election poll with all the candidates soontm.


Id like to nominate @Haazuu for his lit tournaments, props for attempting to keep a dead tier afloat 

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11 minutes ago, Dibz said:

I'd say @Crimar and @Akshit. They'd get shit done, take incentive to make things happen, help people (new and old alike) and I'm sure they'd both have great ideas on things they could do as mayor. If Linfanz wasn't staff I'd nominate him too 

I’d nominate you cause you’re a really good person for the community and have helped countless people, but not sure if I want to risk having our mayor get perma’d esp with that mouth of yours .-.

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