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Hannah's Breeding

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  • 2x31, 3x25+  -  350k - natured
  • 3x31, 2x25+  -  550k - natured
  • 3x31, 3x25+  -  600k - natured
  • 3x31, 2x30    -  650k - natured
  • 4x31 - 550k - natured
  • Happiness and/or baby pokemon breeds +50k
  • 27+ IVs +40k
  • 21k genders +42k
  • 9k genders +20k



  • 5x31 (including 4x31, 1x0) - 1.1m - natured
  • Happiness and/or baby pokemon breeds +100k
  • 21k gender +90k
  • 9k gender +50k



  • 0 IVs are counted as another 31
  • All egg moves are free
  • Incense pokemon and/or volt tackle Pikachu - +50% of total cost (example in spoiler)

    For example, 3x31, 2x30 Mantyke would be 975k (650k+325k)



No genderless or male only breeds, thank you.


Please mail the money, IVs, egg moves, gender and ball requests (except premier ball unless you provide).


IGN: hannahtaylor

Discord: Hannah#7834 (no friend requests, I will ignore random requests from people I don't know)

Time Zone: BST


Hope to see you soon :D


For all your Smeargle needs visit @kuplion's shop!


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I asked for a mudkip and she bred me 6 squirtles 2 charmanders and a lapras 1/10 would not recommend :(

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