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Hannah's Breeding

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  • 2x31, 3x25+  -  350k - natured
  • 3x31, 2x25+  -  550k - natured
  • 3x31, 3x25+  -  600k - natured
  • 2x31, 3x30    -  600k - natured
  • 4x31 - 550k - natured
  • Happiness and/or baby pokemon breeds +50k
  • 27+ IVs +40k
  • 21k genders +40k
  • 9k genders +20k



  • 3x31, 2x30    -  650k - natured
  • 4x31, 1x30 - 750k - natured
  • 5x31 (including 4x31, 1x0) - 1.1m - natured
  • Happiness and/or baby pokemon breeds +100k
  • 21k gender +80k
  • 9k gender +40k



  • 0 IVs are counted as another 31
  • All egg moves are free
  • Incense pokemon and/or volt tackle Pikachu - +50% of total cost (example in spoiler)

    For example, 3x31, 2x30 Mantyke would be 975k (650k+325k)

  • I can breed an unnatured pokemon for half the price plus extras if needed (eg, gender or happiness/baby pokemon)



  • 9k genders
  • 21k genders
  • Baby/happiness pokemon

Magmar, Pikachu, Togetic, Clefairy, Electabuzz, Jigglypuff, Jynx, Lucario

  • Incense pokemon

You only need to pay extra for these if you want this pokemon, when breeding normally you'll get the 'grown up' pokemon and not these baby ones.

Munchlax, Budew, Mime Jr, Wynaut, Mantyke, Azurill, Chingling, Bonsly, Happiny


All breeds will be put in a pokeball, you can change the ball yourself if needed by clicking on the ball in the pokemon's summary.


No genderless or male only breeds, thank you.


IGN: hannahtaylor

Please mail the money, IVs, egg moves and if you'd like it a specific gender.


Hope to see you soon :D


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