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Important PSL11 Poll!

Important PSL11 Poll!  

56 members have voted

  1. 1. Should bilbo get his money back

    • Hell yeah, he got robbed, make staff dig it out
    • Eh, maybe if he gets on his knees and begs coolio
    • Hell no, we literally don't have a prize pool without his trash ass donating
    • Nah, but let him manage the people that didn't get picked so he can flex on us all as the littest manager when he wins
    • Who's bilbo?

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Donations of players towards unofficial events are considered a voluntary aid towards the community. PSL threads stated always specifically that donations will be used in PSL as the prize pool for this specific season of PSL.  


Nowhere in rules, it was said that any donation towards thread gives guarantees spot in managers list, or player's list, therefore we can't take this as scamming activity.


Tl;dr- Bilbo#1 but no robbed

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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, Toast said:

prob one of the stupidest threads ive ever seen

It’s a joke lmao


though id love to see him carry a team of people who didn’t get picked


edit: I’m truly sorry I’ve detracted everyone’s attention from “sinnoh soon?”

Edited by calidubstep

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7 hours ago, TJXD said:

I thought you were better than this Dubstep girl.



16 hours ago, calidubstep said:

I’m truly sorry I’ve detracted everyone’s attention from “sinnoh soon?”

Carry on 

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