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Sinnoh soon???

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44 minutes ago, FNTCZ said:

I like how it's been two months since the tease and he havent heard a peep ever since. That's a pokemmo's devs classic for you.

I'm surprised there was no PTS at all.

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On 16/5/2019 at 18:09, FNTCZ said:

Me gusta cómo han pasado dos meses desde la broma y no ha escuchado nada desde entonces. Eso es un clásico de los desarrolladores de pokemmo para ti.

I don’t think it’s a joke, if you hadn’t already cleared up and removed the post. I sincerely hope it will be VERY soon.

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1 hour ago, HotYoungAfrican said:

He escuchado que tomará menos tiempo que a Black / White para poner Platinum en el juego. 

I don’t see how, frankly, black and white pokemon has a more complex graphic engine and was successfully implemented.

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