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See Other Players' Trainer Cards/Profiles


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     I think it would be really cool if we could right click on a player, their name in chat, or use some sort of lookup function to view player profiles of other people(friends only maybe? or maybe there could be an option as to who can view your profile).  There are a lot of people that play this game and profiles would be a neat way finding out more about certain people.  My idea is that the profile looks like your trainer card when you press C, except obviously some data should be changed. Here is a picture similar to what I am imagining: 


sorry i used ms paint


I started off by making the trainer name and date issued more noticeable, since these are important pieces of information and they don't stand out too well on the normal trainer card.

Home region would be the region you first selected when you created your trainer.

The Pokedex is Owned/Seen

Battle wins would be PvP only

All of the badges would be displayed at the bottom instead of black dots obviously.  There is room for gens 2 and 4 once added.

New icons would likely be needed, I just kept the original one next to Pokedex.


Some thoughts after making the picture:

Favorite Pokemon in addition to favorite type. Maybe the pokemon could appear next to the trainer picture? as if it was following you.
There could be an add friend button somewhere on the card.

Possibly add the trainer's current location? Not sure if this would be a good addition or not.

Maybe add an area for a quote/status.

Option to change card color?


Note: Obviously the final trainer card/profile would be a lot more polished than this, I just made this in a few minutes in MS Paint.

Thanks :) let me know your thoughts.

Edited by Uziya
Added more details to what could be on the card

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The same suggestion has been made before,at the same time, Darkshade is also making the new trainer card.

But whether it will implement the viewing function, this will wait for @Darkshade  to give a clear answer, from the current state analysis, the new card's priority may be lowered.

But this is really a very good suggestion.

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Maybe something poke-charms-esque that lets you customize your card too, letting you add maybe an icon of your partner pokemon?


anyway this suggestion is amazing +1

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i'm the type of person to right-click randoms just to see their profile sprite on their trainer card.

in fact, i already do that, only to remember there is no trainer card after right-clicking them.

i'd put this as pretty high priority!

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i hope this will come into te game, i see it as a very nifty mechanic


also would be nice to have a seal or a medal over/alongside the badges hinting the completion of a region. also if we will have all the badges displayed like this on mobile, a zooming function would be required since some phones have a really low screen resolution.




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