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Rem's VGC (DOUBLES) Tournament

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Date & Time

Sunday May 12th

11:30 AM EDT





Hey guys!

I always wanted to host an event our tour for Team Läva the second i joined the Team, now its my time and i hope you all will have fun and enjoy the Tour!




The rules are simple, build a team out of 6 Pokemon and link them to me a day before the tour starts ( Saturday May 11th)

You get to see the opponent Mons for 1.30 min before the match starts. There you will decide, which !4! mons u choose for the upcoming battle.

The team has to have Pokemon out of the following tiers :

1 OU

3 UU

2 NU

( Also you're not allowed to change any mon or hold item during the tour, so make sure u keep the right mons! )

( I make screenshots of every team linked to me, so nobody can cheat !)


After all people linked me their teams and i screenshotted them, i will start and make the roster for the tour.

( It will be a K.O system, so if u lose, you're out ! )






Sleep/OHKO/Pristine/Species/Hax Item/Evasion/Bag Item/Time/Self KO/Item Clause





Island 4 ch1 PC





I know all peole are most hiped for the prizes, so here they are :


1st Prize:

 2 Mons of your choice OR  1 genderless Mon

( both options will be 2x31 3x25 + nature + 2 eggmoves)


2nd Prize:

1 Mon of your choice

( 2x31 3x25 + nature + 2 eggmoves )


3rd Prize:




Hope u all enjoy the tour and may be the RNG with u!


If u have any more questions feel free to ask under that post or ingame! <3




@KawaiiRem and @Dibz





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Also, just going to add a few things to clarify, in case some of you aren't familiar with the VGC format:

  • You can use 4 out of the 6 Pokemon you enter into the team per round. You can NOT use any other Pokemon outside of those 6 in any round.
  • All Pokemon have to have the SAME held item throughout the tourney. That means if you enter a Torkoal holding Leftovers, your Torkoal has to be holding leftovers whenever you use it in battle.
  • VGC uses the Unique Item Clause. This means no two Pokemon on your team can hold the same item.
  • The VGC tournament format is DOUBLES. All the battles in this tournament will be double battles.
  • If you've got any more questions about VGC, feel free to ask me or Kawaii or comment on this post.


VGC is one of my favorite formats so I'm really excited for this!!! Good luck everyone, and thank you @KawaiiRem 

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