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[PSLXI] Prediction Thread

PSLXI Predictions  

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This thread is to post predictions on various things, such as which managers will be selected this season, which player will be drafted first / bought for the highest price, predicting results to some hyped battles, or who'll be this season's breakout player?


Made a poll with 20/21 signups.. yall got 12 hours to vote and yall can discuss in here since the manager thread is locked

Also only had 20 spots so I couldnt add my #1 pick @Akshit



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5 minutes ago, ApacheHelicopter said:

Why didn't you sign up btw ? You would've been a decent manager I think. You seem to be dedicated to the game and fair.

Lol thanks but I’d probably drive it into the ground like I did with RISE so I’d rather lose as a player instead

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31 minutes ago, MaatthewMLG said:

Since we can't vote for Parke, +1 for Parke 

  Reveal hidden contents



changed ItsGray to Parke... whos ItsGray

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1. Spared No Expense - A ton of underrated picks on this godly squad. Expect these guys to boss up this season.


2. Gardevoirs of the Galaxy - Bluebreath, Lkrenz, Julian, and Sebat is obviously a very intimidating core of players. Some of them unperformed in WC so this team could be hit or miss. They also have UmbraMol who is a sleeper for breakout player. 


3.  Dyanmic Monkeys - Enchanteur, Lifestyle, Yosoy, Rendi is a nice core of players. Again, some of these guys underperformed in WC, so we'll see how that goes. With enchanteur coaching him, Pitzin is guaranteed to have a decent record. DeadGorilla is another dark horse for breakout player. 


4. The Raging Noctowls - abstract, Mkns, Stelian, ZDFire have all shown to be consistent in the past, so they have a solid chance to go far. Plus, Sofiik (Eresh) gets to play twice so that's a big come up for the noctowls.


5. The Beefy Bouffants - Frags and Sej are very strong picks. I have a feeling Zymo will surprise this season despite his past performances. Other than that the draft was pretty poor.


6. Drako Dracarys - Zhiko and Madara are seemingly strong picks, but they have underperformed in the past. Hazu is a great NU player, but NU looks very competetive this season. Luke is a carry god so there is a chance I am wrong about this team.


7. Kraft Krooks - Sparkie, Goon, and Butler all great players. Souu and Goldeneyes are potentially good. Rest of the draft is dogshit.


8. Munya's Kecleons - Worst name, worst draft. A ton of inactive players that I doubt will be putting in the work. I was wrong about Pachi's team last season so I could be again.

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4. "The Raging Noctowls - abstract, Mkns, Stelian, ZDFire have all shown to be consistent in the past, so they have a solid chance to go far. Plus, Sofiik (Eresh) gets to play twice so that's a big come up for the noctowls. "


And the guy continues with the same.

I´m not playing PSL, so be happy rat boy

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It still seems wrong to me that you just dont play. They should check if you really singed up with 2 accounts, In case of it were true you should get banned from pls with 2 accounts.
The punishment of not playing with an alt seems to me very little compared to the profit that some players could get from doing something like that

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My predictions: Everyone seems to get this wrong.


1- nahwel (No need to explain)

2-8 : Everything else is equally bad compared to 1st place. (Cuz no @Nawe there)


Simple, fast, unbiased.


More details later.

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On 20/5/2019 at 22:32, RLotus said:

1. No escatimamos gastos: una tonelada de selecciones subestimadas en este escuadrón piadoso. Espera que estos muchachos sean los jefes de esta temporada.


2. Gardevoirs de la Galaxia: Bluebreath, Lkrenz, Julian y Sebat es obviamente un núcleo de jugadores muy intimidante. Algunos de ellos no se desempeñaron en el WC, por lo que este equipo podría ser impredecible. También tienen a UmbraMol, que es un durmiente para un jugador de breakout. 


3. Dyanmic Monkeys - Encantador, estilo de vida, Yosoy, Rendi es un buen núcleo de jugadores. Nuevamente, algunos de estos tipos tuvieron un desempeño inferior en WC, así que veremos cómo va. Con el encantador que lo entrena, Pitzin tiene garantizado un récord decente. DeadGorilla es otro caballo oscuro para el jugador de breakout. 


4. The Raging Noctowls: resumen, Mkns, Stelian, ZDFire, todos han demostrado ser consistentes en el pasado, por lo que tienen una gran posibilidad de llegar lejos. Además, Sofiik (Eresh) puede jugar dos veces, así que es un gran reto para los noctowls.


5. Los Beefy Bouffants - Frags y Sej son selecciones muy fuertes. Tengo la sensación de que Zymo sorprenderá esta temporada a pesar de sus actuaciones anteriores. Aparte de eso, el proyecto era bastante pobre.


6. Drako Dracarys: Zhiko y Madara son aparentemente fuertes selecciones, pero han tenido un desempeño inferior en el pasado. Hazu es un gran jugador de NU, pero esta temporada se ve muy competitiva. Luke es un dios del acarreo, así que existe la posibilidad de que me equivoque sobre este equipo.


7. Kraft Krooks: Sparkie, Goon y Butler, todos grandes jugadores. Souu y Goldeneyes son potencialmente buenos. El resto del draft es dogshit.


8. Kecleons de Munya - Peor nombre, peor borrador. Un montón de jugadores inactivos que dudo pondrán en el trabajo. Me equivoqué con el equipo de Pachi la temporada pasada, así que podría estar de nuevo .

Thanks for your opinion.

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