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[PSL XI] Player Registration Thread - Closes at 6pm GMT

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Tiers:ou/uu/ smou


this is a picture about my ps rank

if you cant see it,please PM me,tx

i played as a member of China A in world cup,and i won the two ou games with100%rates

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Ign: YettoDie 

Timezone: utc+10 / aest 

Tiers: LC

Like farm: barely playing this game, no clue when I get online. For future opponents, please pm me on discord. Don't check forums all that often.

Buy me at your own risk.

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IGN: DeadGorilla

Timezone: EST

Tiers: whatever people wanna give me teams for that isnt LC. dubs isnt a tier.

Bullshit: AFK goat, hardest dab verm 2, decent shitposter, wont go 0/7




that physically hurt me to do


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IGN: Symbi

Timezone: GMT +2  / EST (In a month)

Tiers: Gen 7 OU 

Something else to farm likes:



  On 1/30/2016 at 8:27 PM, Goldeneyes said:

We are so fucked. 



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IGN: Mkns

Timezone: GMT+1

Tiers: PokeMMO UU / PokeMMO NU / PokeMMO LC / PokeMMO Doubles / PokeMMO OU / ( SM OU -only if you are drunk- )

Something else to farm likes: my favorite color is blue and scrafty can beat heracross

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