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[PSL XI] Player Registration Thread - Closes at 6pm GMT

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IGN : Kamimiii

Timezone : GMT +1

Tiers : All of them (if you lend me mons, otherwise SMOU)


Been trying a few teams a bit but stopped because of how boring and easy the tier was, litterally.


Something else to farm likes dislikes : I'm better than everyone who signed up already.

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IGN: Havsha

Timezone: GMT +2

Tiers: SM OU, OU, 

Something else to farm likes: My comps might have good ivs if I play SM OU


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IGN: Sebat

Timezone: EDT

Tiers: SMOU

Something else to farm likes:

I'll not play MMO but I can showdown.

I don't remember how I have this score but was with random teams so imagine what I can do with a real team.



Most preferred manager: ZHIKO or enchanteur.

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IGN: bingonb

Timezone: GMT+8

Tiers: NU>OU>UU

I played as the captain of China B in PokeMMO 2nd World Cup, and won all of my NU battles(100% rate of winning) in four weeks. Even though China B didn't step further, I think I have proven my ability. So I hope I can do my best in PSL and make up for pity of the failure in World Cup. 

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