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[PSL XI] Player Registration Thread - Closes at 6pm GMT

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been fooling around with SM OU the last couple months, and it's really not a difficult tier to play. 55-19 averages out to about a 5-2 season, and thats assuming PSL talent will be as good as 1000-1500 ladder talent (it probably wont lol)



heres more


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IGN: NikhilR

Timezone: EST

Tiers: OU / UU / NU

Something else to farm likes: My WCOP teammate posted something along these lines that would sum things up: "Imagine this....you got tired in the middle of sex with your girlfriend. You took a quick break to catch your breath, decided to check Pokemmo in the middle of your love making session, and received a notification that you'll be playing against NikhilR for PSL. Your uguu died all of a sudden; next thing you know, you got dumped by your girlfriend as well because she accused you of not finding her attractive"


I'll mostly be active on discord, but whichever manager is considering drafting me should know that my biggest asset is my playing-ability, so I'll need help in the other departments such as teambuilding / breeding / scouting etc. 

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IGN: EreshkigalL

Timezone: GMT -5

Tiers: Doubles, OU, LC

Something else to farm likes: Me gusta la papayuela :3 (I love SIA team)

Colombia #1


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IGN: RealDevilLegend

TimeZone: GMT+1

Tier: Dubs, LC, UU, NU and OU


Captain of Spain in the world cup with a squad, 100% winrate in dubs, if I choose would be my 2nd PSL, in the first 3/4 finish with some bad luck, good to work as a team and help in everything can.


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Ign: Really? 

Timezone: CET

Tiers: Anything aside from LC and Doubles (not even a tier) leaning towards US/UM

Fluff: I didn't regularly log in for 4 months, I don't remember when was the last time I won anything, Fuji owes me 3m and Julian 3.5, shiny rate is fair, I'm incredibly busy IRL lately, calcing is cheating, if you are a spanish speaking manager you'd better hone your english (or polish lol) skills because I do not speak nor I intend to learn spanish. I'm also cursed with terrible RNG which could be seen during world cup and last PSL when half of the matches of my team in semis got raped by RNG against us.


Pick at your own risk


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I embarris.

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IGN: NagaHex

Timezone: UTC -3

Tiers: LC / OU > Dubs / UU > NU

Something else to farm likes: Im a "new" player on competitive, I won a few tournaments include an UU shiny but never play a PSL or some like that, only the WC with Argentina A. I know im dont the best player, but i want a little chance to prove what I can do. 

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