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[PSL XI] Player Registration Thread - Closes at 6pm GMT

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Ign: ajostyle 

time zone : gmt +1

tier : Dubz only


this could be my first psl, quite hyped 

Got semis to the last 2 doubles tourny to date (including the offi) soi pretty up to date and won a qualifier  for the double non offi hughmoonguss like a month ago or so, actuelly pretty dedicated in thé tier .

if not picked ill follow it on my couch i guess QQ

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IGN: Dibz

Timezone: MDT (GMT-6)

Tiers: OU, UU, LC

I can dab with both hands, and I've been getting hella practice in all three of those tiers recently. Turns out I'm really good at battles when there's something at stake or a prize and I'm a lazy button masher otherwise .-. This'll be my first PSL but pls pick me, I've got some really creative teams planned.

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IGN: iJulianFNT

Timezone: NYT

Tiers: SMOU | MMO DUBS | MMO OU | Anything really,

Something else to farm likes:

Big couple things for you to consider if you are thinking of buying/picking me:
1. I'm in finals rn (college) so the first two weeks of the season ima be irresponsive. ofc I can spare an hour to pick a team I've already built, plug it and play my match (got like ~8 prebuilt dubs teams). But I won't have time to do anything else (prep, talk shit in discord, etc). Because of this, I will only play dubs these first 2 weeks. It also would be of great healp if you sent me screenshtos of my opponents past teams so I can pick the team to use in a more intelligent manner. usually I scout myself but yeah, no time.
2. after I'm done with finals (week 3 to playoffs) ima have a lot of free time and one of the things I wanna do with it is hitting top 10 in smou and once I do I will want to play that tier for psl aswell at least for a few weeks , so please dont buy me if your plan is to have me play dubs through the entire season, I love diversity of play. I will also be able to fill other mmo tiers if needed, specially if sinnoh and some has/legends come out in the middle of the season because I consider myself a creative builder capable of playing any tier if given the time to prep (which I will have after examns).


That's it. If you cant bother reading 6 lines dont buy me either because I love me some drama. much love <3


Finally, coolio is bad rip fluff and most/least preferred manager.


EDIT: yall bad like my grammar

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