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[PSL XI] Player Registration Thread - Closes at 6pm GMT

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Here we go


Make sure you have a read through the general thread so you understand your role and responsibilities before signing up.


Please sign up using the following format:





Something else to farm likes:




· If your forum banned pm me you’re sign up on discord and I’ll post it for you.  

· In case you forgot the tiers are OU, UU, NU, LC, Doubles and Showdown SMOU.

· If you signed up as a  manager feel free to sign up as a player, I'll just ignore it if you end up being chosen as a manager.

· If you aren't posting a player sign up, please post somewhere else.

· Player registration closes Sunday the 12th of May at 6pm GMT. 

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IGN: Zymogen

Timezone: GMT/BST


Something else to farm likes: Ignore my previous PSL records. Forget the fact that I have finished negative in every season that I have played thus far. The past is history, and we live for TODAY. 


In all seriousness, any person that I have been PSL teammates with will agree that I dedicate a lot of time to this tournament. I am always teambuilding, theorycrafting, scrimming and offering out suggestions for myself and others. I play and am knowledgeable in all tiers (note: tiers, not formats) so I am a good utility player to have, and I have become a lot more consistent since team preview was released, which is demonstrated by my positive World Cup record against top players across several tiers. 



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IGN: Takens 

Time Zone: GMT

Tiers: ALL

Bluff: in order to make my own legend i have to end yours 


I have never cared about psl until i heard this was the place where legends are made so it caught my attention this season and i plan to win it all the way.


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IGN: Mewtwo

Timezone: EST

Tiers: Gen 2 randoms on Showdown

Something else to farm likes:

:< ̄`ヽ、       / ̄>

 ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´

   ゝ、 `( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /

     >     ,ノ


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IGN: Suneet

Timezone: BST

Tiers: LC > Dubs/OU > UU

Something else to farm likes: I'm looking for redemption after last season which was a trainwreck. I didn't devote as much time to the event as I should have, which showed in my results. This season, I have a lot more time (after the end of May), and I promise to be a good buy for any team


E: Only buy me if you wanna buy Butler too, I think we had a really good partnership last season and it could really work again

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IGN: Dereith

Timezone: GMT +1

Tiers: OU

To be honest, this will be my first PSL tournament that i will be participating, Im not an famous player, but im sure u will not regret if u choose me :)

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Note: I will be very busy during June due to exams but I think I will be able to afford few hours per week to do my matches etc. Don't want to miss all the fun. Also, dear managers, keep in mind that for the past year I wasn't really active so I don't have many new pokes. I surely don't mind borrowing some for my matches  if needed.


This spoiler is for just for @DaftCoolio



IGN: Shinytailow     Blue

Timezone: UTC+3

Tiers: OU/UU/NU 

Something else to farm likes: Been playing since june 2013, won officials ,unofficials ,PSL CHAMPION (2 times) ,been GM blablabla. Now time for some real accomplishment. Cooked lasagna and golden nuggets while posting this 


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IGN: Zigh

Timezone: GMT+2

Tiers: UU, Doubles, SM OU

Something else to farm likes: Been in finals in 2 out of 3 PSL seasons I've played (couldn't play at all in season 8, so not counting that one). Semifinals in WC with only 1 loss in doubles, bla bla bla. Can make quality memes if needed 

(Might be a bit busy in June coz exams, but I'll probably have time to play every weekend)


7e113e0fdaa81ec5a509f856e9082266.png Guess I'm signing up for SM OU aswell

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