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Growlithe "Flare Blitz" / Growlithe "Envite Igneo"

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I was wondering why Growlithe can't learn "Flare Blitz" by egg move 
and it can learn "Close Combat" which was included one generation later.
For me this is an issue because I already started breeding assuming that growlithe
was able to learn it because why it shouldn't it if he learns "close combat"?


Sorry if something is wrong. it's my first time using the forum.


Me preguntaba por qué Growlithe no puede aprender "Envite Ígneo" por movimiento
huevo pero si puede aprender "A bocajarro" que incluyeron la posibilidad una generación más
tarde, para mi es un problema porque ya había empezado a criar asumiendo que
podía hacerlo porque si aprendía "A Bocajarro" ¿por qué no iba a aprender "Envite Ígneo" no?


Siento si algo es incorrecto, es mi primera vez usando el foro.





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Sad news, even tho it learns it by leveling it also should learn it by egg move i think, at least I would have looked a Little bit less dumb.

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you can pass moves pokes learn naturally when both parents know the move and egg moves and tms dont take priority.

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PokeMMO has Gen 5 movesets and abilities but the mechanics and learnsets go according to gen 7. So Pokemon learn moves the same way they would in Gen 7.


And to add on to what Butler said, move priority when breeding goes like this: Egg Moves > Tutor Moves > TMs/HMs > Learnset

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